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Tuesday's notes: Your morning dread

So here we are, just moments before the scheduled start of the Shea Weber/Nashville Predators arbitration hearing, and there's still no deal.

Quit biting your fingernails, and read up on your morning hockey news already...

Nashville Predators News

As PredsNation Turns | Pull My (Fang)Finger
AJ sees a Zach Parise-like one-year deal as the likeliest outcome for Shea & the Preds. I do find his theory about why things have dragged out to be pretty darned interesting.

Hastily Called Press Conference | Admirals Roundtable
Help out fellow bloggers in Milwaukee!

Around the NHL

NASSAU VOTERS SAY NO TO COLISEUM DEALCharles Wang, you have the next move ·
A real punch to the gut of New York Islanders fans here, and we'll have to stay tuned to see what Charles Wang's next move is. Nobody seems to think that near-term relocation is in the cards.

Cox: NHL watches as Preds try to do deal with Weber -
Damien Cox provides the outsider's perspective on the negotiations.

World Cup victory ties 2011 U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame class together - Puck Daddy
Sean Leahy touches on the signature moment that unites the upcoming US Hockey Hall of Fame class.

Down Goes Brown: Other NHL team grievances
You've got to like this: "Florida Panthers - The league's out-of-control salary floor increases have forced the team to fill the roster with players who are overpaid and barely average, instead of players who are underpaid and terrible like our fans have become used to."

Surprise! Colin White & Trent Hunter Intended to be Bought Out - In Lou We Trust
There's some head-scratching going on in New Jersey as the Devils prepare to send a couple players packing. Colin White may be worth a look on the blueline...