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Coming Soon: Get OTF & the rest of SB Nation on your iPhone!

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The technical gurus at SB Nation (the network which powers this site as well as more than 300 other sports blogs) have been hard at work this summer, and soon you'll be able to download an SB Nation app from the iTunes app store for your iPhone , iPad , or iPod Touch . Of course, it's free!

You can easily browse through the latest stories from around SB Nation (and follow the Story Streams as they update in real time), comment on articles, share them on social media platforms, whatever you need - you can also set your lineup of favorite SB Nation blogs in order to tailor the app to your own interests.

But don't take my word for it, just watch the video...

I'll be interested to hear feedback from OTF readers who use Apple devices once this becomes available (I'm an Android guy myself, that app won't be on the way for a while yet). Stay tuned for word as soon as Apple gives us the go-ahead!