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Monday's notes: Relive Preds-Canucks series on NHL Network

Tonight at 5:00 Central (and again at 9:00), NHL Network will begin replaying the second round series between Nashville & Vancouver. So make sure to fire up the popcorn, settle in on the couch, and come back here for a game thread!

For now, though, follow after the jump for your morning hockey news...

How to buy youth hockey equipment without breaking your budget | Hockey Gear HQ - news, reviews & deals
Most families can't afford new, top-of-the-line hockey equipment each year for their child. But there are ways to save big on brand-name gear like skates & sticks.

Nashville Predators News

Y’all Ready for Some…Hockey? | The Hockey Writers
Club teams from 11 SEC schools make up the SECHC, a growing hockey conference now entering its fourth season, complete with an "Iron Cup" between Alabama and Auburn.

Previewing the Predators’ forwards for 2011-12, part five… | Section 303
There are a variety of youngsters who could chip in when called upon, ranging from aspiring snipers to muckers & grinders.

Preds On The Glass: POTG Monday Headlines, News and Links: Preds-Canucks Series Replay Starts Tonight
Buddy's ready for NHL Network's replay of the Preds-Canucks series.

Why Have the Preds Succeeded? Part 1- Location is Everything - Predlines
There's no question, location plays a big role in the Preds' success, and once the new Music City Center opens, I imagine that will help even more.

Nashville Would Benefit/Stumble From Possible NHL Rule Changes, pt. 2 | The Predatorial
Jeremy gives two thumbs to some proposed on-ice changes.

Around the NHL

Five Burning Questions for the 2011-2012 Columbus Blue Jackets | The Hockey Writers
With all the money they've spent, I imagine expectations will be higher than ever in Columbus. Can the team meet them?

Tolkien’s Take – The Fellowship of the "D" - Blackhawk Up
Yeah, I could see Brent Seabrook as the Boromir type.

Coyotes' success hinges on new goaltending duo -
With Ilya Bryzgalov hitting the jackpot in Philly, what does the future hold for Phoenix?

Has Colorado Tumbled Into Mediocrity? - View From My Seats
Yup, and they've been there for a few years now.

Drury, Reluctant Sports Star, Discreetly Takes His Leave -
Lynn Zinser writes that Chris Drury wasn't exactly a guy who enjoyed the attention of being a pro athlete.

Malcolm Gladwell on the NBA lockout - Grantland
Much of this applies in hockey as well. Whenever you hear teams complain that they're losing money, you can bet that you're not getting the full picture.

Driving Play: On Luck, Skill and Sample Size in Shooting Percentage
The spread in team ability to shoot at a higher percentage is so narrow that over the course of a season, it's quite possible for a less-talented team to actually come up with better results.

More stats than you’d ever want (I hope)… | Hockey Analysis
David's been hard at work, and offers a few new ways to slice and dice hockey data. Really nifty stuff here.

How Brendan Shanahan Can Avoid Failure as NHL Head of Discipline - In Lou We Trust
Three suggestions for Shanny to consider. I don't think the idea of bringing in a hockey outsider has any chance of taking place, personally.

Pros and cons to giving NHL referees wireless communication - Puck Daddy
While at first this sounds like a good idea, the safety concerns are pretty huge here for referees.