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The #4 Moment Of The Nashville Predators' 2011 Playoffs: Rinne Robs Bieksa

"Great save, Pekks." "I just let Jesus Take The Wheel lol"
"Great save, Pekks." "I just let Jesus Take The Wheel lol"

Earlier this summer we reviewed the Top 10 Moments of the Regular Season, and now seems a fine time to look back at the team's playoff run...

The Predators put up a pretty lackluster performance in the first game of their second-round series with the Vancouver Canucks, and it appeared to be heading that way again in Game 2. Ryan Suter somehow tied the game with just over a minute left in regulation, but the Preds continued to be outplayed in overtime and it looked like they would come home down 0-2.

It seemed like Alain Vigneault had found the matchup he wanted, with the Sedin line matched up against the Preds' fourth line and bottom defensive pair. Daniel carried the puck in and sent an immaculate pass to a perfectly-positioned Kevin Bieksa and everyone in the building thought it was over. But Pekka Rinne had other plans:

Rinne's save will almost certainly go down in Predators' lore, as it gave the Predators new life in a game that they were all but out of. I won't spoil the ending (we'll have more on this game later in the week, and you'll also be able to watch in on NHL Network this week) but I think you all remember what happened. "The Save" also spawned it's own History Will Be Made commercial from the NHL and cemented Pekka's place among the league's elite goaltenders, as he single-handedly won a game (oops!) for Nashville against the top team during the regular season in the Western Conference.