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Tuesday's notes: Concessions and concussions your words of the day

Two main themes make up this morning's Nashville hockey notes - a former Pred talks about the serious post-concussion symptoms that are causing him to retire from the game, and controversial questions have been raised about a proposed contract extension between the Predators and their arena concessions operator, SportService.

Radio Note: NHL Home Ice, on SiriusXM (XM 92 and Sirius 207) will air their Predators preview, with Preds GM David Poile, this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. Central. Thanks to OTF reader Martin for the heads-up there.

And now, your morning hockey news...

Nashville Predators News

Preds Propose Letting Insider's Arena Contract Run To 2043 -
There are some aspects of this story that smack of previous smear jobs against the Preds, but I'm withholding judgment overall just yet. I'm digging through the details and have some questions I want answered before saying one way or the other as to how this affects the team and the city.

In particular, the proposed revenue split for concession sales is a real head-scratcher. By my initial calculations, the arena would have to generate huge gains in sales before the Preds would earn an extra dime. That's due to the difference in how concessions sales would get split, with different percentage rates at various levels of revenue.

The table below breaks down how it works. Under the current agreement (assuming that requested upgrades were installed a while ago), the arena gets 45% of the first $6 million in concession sales, and 48% after that. Under the proposed agreement, the "sales fee" starts off at a lower rate, 38% on the first $5 million, and moving up from there, up to a maximum of 52% on anything over $8 million. Based on what I'm seeing, though, sales would have to hit close to the $20 million mark for the team to make any extra money on this portion of the contract. I put $20 million in the table below just to demonstrate the break-even point; the split continues at the same rate past that level.

Current Proposed
 start  end  Percent  Arena Cut  Total  start  end  Percent  Arena Cut  Total
 0   6,000,000   45%   2,700,000   2,700,000   0   5,000,000   38%   1,900,000   1,900,000 
 6,000,001   20,000,000   48%   6,720,000   9,420,000   5,000,001   6,500,000   40%   600,000   2,500,000 
 6,500,001   7,500,000   45%   450,000   2,949,999 
 7,500,001   8,000,000   50%   250,000   3,199,999 
 8,000,001   20,000,000   52%   6,239,999   9,439,998 

Again, this is only looking at the concession sales; the terms for restaurant, catering, and suite sales are the same, while the club terms are slightly less favorable. In return, the Preds are getting Sportservice to take on some capital upgrades ($1.5 million iniitally, then 0.5% of gross receipts), money that conceivably might be requested from the City of Nashville instead.

This is complicated stuff, and I can see why it might raise eyebrows. 

Predators, concessionaire close to new deal |
Increased efficiency in hot dog and beer delivery sound good, though! Damn the financials!

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Nashville Predators Plan Busy Weekend Around Middle Tennessee -
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Around the NHL

Scatchard the latest casualty in NHL’s Concussion Era -
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