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Preds prospect Magnus Hellberg ejected from European tournament game

Well, this isn't how you want to make headlines - while playing in a pre-season tournament in Finland, Swedish goalie Magnus Hellberg (the Nashville Predators 2nd-round pick in this summer's NHL Entry Draft) got upset after giving up a goal, and shot the puck up into the stands, hitting a fan.

Sean Leahy at Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy blog tells the tale:

...playing in just his second game with the club -- allowed three goals in a five-minute span during a 7-3 loss. After the third goal, Hellberg wasn't happy with himself; he collected the puck and went to fire it off the side glass.

Problem was that the puck cleared the glass and instead hit a girl in the stands, injuring her.

Hellberg appeared genuinely apologetic, but received a match penalty for his lack of composure, and was sent to the dressing room.

Starting at 8:30 of this video (also found at Sean's post), you can see the goal scored, and Hellberg skating over to the glass after the incident to see what happened. I do love the Rocky theme that Jokerit played after the score...

One Swedish blogger sympathized with Hellberg's outburst, which came after a 3-2 lead turned into a 5-3 deficit in a matter of moments, writing (as translated by Google) "It is no wonder that Hellberg became frustrated with the view of Frölunda's wretched defense." As if that weren't bad enough, former Nashville Predators prospect Ben Eaves (who came back from Finland for a brief run with the Admirals back in 2009) scored less than a minute later to make it 6-3.

By all accounts this doesn't sound like typical behavior for the young goalie, so we'll chalk this up as a guy learning his lesson, and hopefully we won't see "fired a Hellberg" turn into a new hockey idiom.

His ejection is also a demonstration of why having at least some penalty for sending pucks into the stands is a good idea in the hockey business. At times we can forget just how dangerous they can be.