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NHL 2011-2012 schedule spreadsheet posted

Each summer I post the NHL Super Schedule, a detailed spreadsheet that fans can use to compare the difficulty of each team's schedule, as well as the total miles traveled by each team over the course of 82 games. I recently received a request to provide a different way of looking at the schedule, so wanted to add that followup here.

This spreadsheet which breaks down the entire NHL 2011-2012 regular season, along with Goals For and Goals Against per Game information for each team, and is freely available as a Google Spreadsheet that I've posted, so you can just copy & paste into your own document. It's sorted in date order, and all starting times are presented in Eastern Time (those start times may not be 100% accurate, as there have been a few minor changes since the initial schedule was posted).

One of the main differences here is that this spreadsheet contains only one line per game, rather than the Super Schedule which has separate lines for the home and road teams.