Help Save UAH Charger Hockey!!!

I've promoted this to the front page, as I know a number of folks will want to help get the word out. - Dirk

The only reason I'm posting this is because hockey fans are one big family--and especially since hockey fans from the south (gasp) are often looked at as not being worthy of the enjoying the sport , I feel Preds nation should know about the situation 100 miles south of Nashville. The only DI NCAA hockey program south of the Mason-Dixon is on the verge of collapse because no conference will accept them into the fold.  I just got this e-mail this morning. Things aren't looking good for the U. Alabama-Huntsville program. BTW, Blake Geoffrione's brothers play for UAH.

Help Save UAH Charger Hockey!!!


Attention Hockey Families and Charger Supporters,



First of all, the response to the news article sent Friday has been overwhelming!   Getting to how everyone can help I'm going to explain where we are in our current campaign.  We were told last Wednesday that the annual financial number that needs to be raised over the next 3 years is $500k per year.   We set up a three year pledge system to allow the new UAH Athletic Department personnel, under the leadership of Dr. EJ Brophy, time to put together a long term business and marketing plan.  The eminent danger of losing the program has been insulated to the UAH Hockey Alumni to date.  Reasons for this was to make sure we had the correct information (i.e. $500k annually)  to convey and to keep the current UAH Charger Hockey players separated  from the issue until it was officially stated from University officials.  Last Tuesday, the UAH Hockey Coaching staff met with Chancellor Portera and he indicated there is a possibility of dropping the Division 1 Charger Hockey program to the Club level, and a decision could be made in early October.  However, there have been some exciting things to happen since these meetings last week:  1 )With our Pledge drive only being exposed to UAH Hockey Alumni and Blueline Club Members, we have raised nearly $200K/year.  2)  Local politicians have offered to help fund a marketing position (much needed) within the UAH athletic department.  3) The Huntsville City Council, along with Mayor Tommy Battle, passed a resolution to continually help support the Division 1 UAH Charger Program in any way they can. 4) Local and national media are willing to help in any way possible to get the word out. 




1)      Make a three year financial pledge!  To date, we have had yearly pledges anywhere from $25 to $15,000 per year. ANYTHING HELPS AND THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!  We are confident with making our pledge drive public and in starting our corporate pledge campaign we will get to our annual $500k  goal.  Please send your pledge to my email address, (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PLEDGE SHEET to download the form please visit the link above and click on the download link in the article on the website). All pledges will be kept strictly confidential and will be enacted only upon the continuation of the UAH Hockey program.


2)      Voice Your Opinion! This can be done numerous ways:


1.    Join the social media outlets supporting UAH Hockey (you can also follow these sites via twitter):







2.    Have your corporation, group, or association complete and send in a Resolution (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD).

3.    Have your corporation send in a Corporate Letter of Support (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD).

4.    Directly contact UAH Athletic Director, Dr. EJ Brophy, and UA Systems Chancellor, Dr. Portera.  Email addresses are below and please use these same addresses for any Resolutions or Corporate Letters of Support.


      1.    Dr. EJ Brophy-

      2.    Dr. Portera- 


3)      Attend UAH Charger Home Games!  This is must!!  We need to have more people in the stands supporting the Chargers.  This year's home schedule is the best in the program's history- highlighted by Lake Superior State (3 time Division 1 National Champion), Ohio State University, Air Force Academy, and the US Under 18 National Team.  Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing season tickets, joining the Blueline Club, or participating in a group night.  Below is the link for the entire 2011-2012 season.


We will keep you posted on upcoming events such as press conferences, media releases, and team events. For Huntsville locals, myself and '88 Alum Mike Fairbanks will be on the 97.7 "Cubelic and The Kid" radio show this morning at 9:00am talking about the UAH Charger Hockey program. Thank you very much for your support.


Keith Rowe


Proud '05 UAH Hockey Alum


(256) 883-3689

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