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Wednesday's notes: Smashville watches & waits

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Look on the bright side, folks - can you remember an August in which we've seen so much hockey talk in Nashville?

OK, I tried. Sorry for the delay in your daily hockey news today, there's actually a lot of good stuff below, including thorough analysis of the Shea Weber situation, a look at how far Jordin Tootoo has come in his career, and news of other teams around the league locking up players to contract extensions (grumble...).

So jump on in!

Nashville Predators News

Predators in trouble with Weber? - Elliotte Friedman
Dynamite stuff from Elliotte Friedman here. While Shea Weber has said in the past that he wants to remain a Pred, his actions speak pretty clearly to the contrary.

Puck firmly in Shea Weber’s rink - The Globe and Mail
James Mirtle breaks down the whole situation, confirming the notion that Weber is hesitant about making a long-term commitment to Nashville, and touching on the personal connections that may have led to his transition to Titan Sports Management.

Did Titan Sports Management Kill the Weber Deal? |
Forget about guessing motives, Patten just looks at Shea's agent as having painted "a picture of incompetence" so far. I've had someone else in the industry refer to him as "Forrest Gump" privately.

Hockey Night in Nashville: Weber, Preds go to arbitration; Panic spreads
Robby looks at how the mood around town has changed so quickly.

Predators produce curious number in Shea Weber’s arbitration - Nashville Predators Examiner
Arbitration tactic or not, $4.75 million is simply absurd. It's a shame that the arbitration process encourages such things.

Preds On The Glass: The Predator Way is Never Easy
Buddy, with the understatement of the year!

Paul McCann - Ugly Business
And Paul has a close runner-up in the Understatement category. Seriously, if you were looking at this Shea Weber situation last summer, you'd have to think that what we have today is pretty much Worst Case Scenario.

Puck and Punk: Wouldn't You Want Out?
After seeing the moves which have been made to free up salary room, is there a strong enough team left that a guy like Weber would want to lead?

NunatsiaqOnline - Tootoo the enforcer becomes Jordin the game changer
A news outlet up in Nunavut checks in from Nashville on just how large a role Jordin Tootoo has earned with the Predators, and how big a part hockey plays in this city.

Around the NHL

Doughty, Kings Watch as Weber Arbitration Award Likely to Set Precedent - NHL Hot Stove
In Los Angeles, they're paying close attention to how things develop here.

NHL set to experiment with some rule changes - Toronto Sun
Here's a breakdown of the rules to be examined during the NHL's R&D camp. Bringing back the two-line offside pass rule? Heresy!

Blake Comeau Agrees to 1-Year Deal with Islanders, Avoids Arbitration - Lighthouse Hockey
Another team, another RFA locked up.

The Sharp Shooter Stays - Second City Hockey
Chicago signs Patrick Sharp to a 5-year contract extension. Yes, you can go punch a wall right now.

Ted Nolan to coach Latvia - The Globe and Mail
Personally, I'd like to see this guy back in the NHL, but it just doesn't seem like that's going to happen.

Will David Perron’s concussion cost him another Blues’ season? - Puck Daddy
More troubling news on the concussion front, which threatens the season for one of the top St. Louis forwards.

Jury still out on NHL shunning ESPN - The Globe and Mail
Might the TV gambit the league took coming out of the lockout finally bear fruit?

Kesler: Terrible hip pun available on request. " Puck, that hurts!
Ryan Kesler had hip surgery which will keep him on the shelf for a while, and this blog covers all the medical details.