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Wednesday notes: The price of hockey is going up

Yesterday's jaw-dropping contract between the Philadelphia Flyers and James van Riemsdyk could have far-reaching implications across the NHL, and our morning hockey notes include a story on how GM's all over will have to deal with the aftermath.

In particular, the Nashville Predators could find themselves in a bind next summer...

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators Season Preview: Part 1 " Music City Mindset
A novel setup here, as Ryan invites a fellow blogger and a fan to contribute to his preview.

yfrog Photo : Shared by CPickard37
It looks like Chet Pickard is sporting a spiffy new look this fall...

Ellis and Geoffrion trade cards - Predators Insider
Two Preds rookies get to celebrate a pro athlete's rite of passage, receiving their rookie trading card.

Around the NHL

NHL GM’s grit their teeth over van Riemsdyk contract | Edmonton Journal
So if Colin Wilson snags 40 points this season (which in my mind would be a disappointment), is he going to ask for this kind of money? 6 years and $25.5 million??? JVR put up 35, then 40 points in his first two seasons before signing this extension.

Red Light - The NHL’s biggest gambles
I'd put Philadelphia at the top of the heap here; they had a contending team last year and made some deep changes to the core of the lineup.

Does the Langkow trade make sense for the Flames? - Matchsticks and Gasoline
Calgary may have pulled off a decent move here, trading from strength, freeing up some cap room, and addressing a weakness on the wing.

What Happens to the Atlanta Thrashers Fans? - Raw Charge
Based on geography, I wouldn't be surprised to see Thrashers fans gravitate to a few different teams, and Tina makes a pitch for Tampa here.

NHL watches as colleges wage war with Canadian junior hockey - Sporting News
For those who think that the question of paying college football players is fraught with difficulties, that's nothing compared to the battle over junior hockey players, who are generally a couple years younger.

12 Burning Questions: Can Grabovski and Kulemin continue their upward climb? - Toronto Maple Leafs Hot Stove
For those hoping that SK74 can top last season's performance, the model to follow is Mikhail Grabovski, who stepped up to another level in 2010-2011.

The Dark Blue Jacket: Mission accomplished...?
Dang, Blue Jackets fans will get 79 games in HD this season...

80Th Birthday: There'll simply never be another Jean Béliveau - Ottawa Citizen
Le Grand Jean turns 80. I still think they should rename the Lady Byng Trophy in his honor, which would instantly turn players' attitudes around about winning the sportsmanship award. Too many players act like winning it amounts to putting on a pink tutu.