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Thursday afternoon notes: Moving on from #WeberWatch, slowly

After the initial wave of reaction to Shea Weber's arbitration award has finally passed, we're left to consider the broader implications, both in Nashville and around the NHL. Will the locals wonder whether the Big 3 can be kept together, young defensemen around the league have a new goal to reach - try somehow, someway, to get Shea Weber included in their list of comparables during contract negotiations, without the other side breaking in hysterics.

Follow after the jump for a healthy dose of such items, along with a whole lot more for those of you who are sick of the whole matter - how about some Russian hockey fight videos and a bit of Shakespeare?

Nashville Predators News

Has the best off-season in Preds history been turned into the worst? | Section 303
David Poile has a lot of work to do if he wants to return to Las Vegas as a finalist for the GM of the Year Award next summer.

Paul McCann - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, He's Ours... for now
Paul hopes we can just enjoy the upcoming season without worrying about the long-term situation with Weber, but until a resolution comes I don't think that cloud will just blow away.

Smashville 24/7: Questions galore about Weber’s future
The only sure thing is that uncertainty will hang over the Preds for the foreseeable future.

Around the NHL

Hamu Selännlet: A Finnish Soliloquy - Battle of California
Earl deserves a standing ovation for this piece... simply brilliant!

Video: KHL keeps things punchy in the preseason - Houses of the Hockey
Starved for hockey action? How about some Russian hockey fights, then? This one is pretty nasty (lots of shots from behind), but follow the link above for the whole set:

How Good is the KHL? - Puck Worlds
Bruce takes a shot at updating League Equivalency, to see how the KHL and NHL are developing comparatively.

Could Weber contract affect how Stars deal with Alex Goligoski? - The Dallas Morning News
Young defensemen around the league are working out a little harder this summer, now that they have Weber's $7.5 million figure to aim for.

Money or Cup: Why Shea Weber is My New Hero - Winging It In Motown
There's a lot to admire about a guy who challenges his team to contend.

Owen Nolan signs a tryout deal with Canucks - The White Towel
Puzzling stuff here. Nolan ran out of gas in the NHL a while ago, and spent the last two seasons in Switzerland.

Houses Of The Hockey Podcast August 4, 2011 - Houses of the Hockey
Buddy Oakes joined this show, which starts off with lots of Islanders talk but moves on to the Preds.

Is this the New York Islanders’ new black 3rd jersey? - Puck Daddy
Woof, those are nasty.

Was leaving ESPN a mistake for the NHL? - Puck Daddy
Greg takes a look back at the NHL's old flame.

Redefining the New Panthers: Jose Theodore - Litter Box Cats
As Florida moves into the post-Vokoun era, can the former MVP hold down the fort?