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Tuesday's notes: All that and a bag of oats

Your morning hockey news is all over the map today. We've got analysis of Russian prospect draft trends, a look at whether one of the NHL's top assist men can start scoring more, your opportunity to become a goalie writer, and of course, a horse racing update!

Follow after the jump for all that and more...

Nashville Predators News

Elliotte Friedman on 1045 The Zone 20110808 (mp3)

Hockey Night in Canada's Elliotte Friedman joined Willy Daunic and Jacob Underwood to talk about the implications of the Shea Weber arbitration. Elliotte's one of the best hockey journalists in the biz, and offers insight from his sources around the league.

Preds Sign D-Man, Ads Schedule Pre-season Games | Admirals Roundtable
Just like the title says, Ryan wonders whether Jack Hillen will play in Nashville or Milwaukee, and looks ahead to the recently-released AHL pre-season schedule.

Lastly, the Preds posted this profile & interview on Craig Smith, who recently left the college ranks and will be one of the most exciting prospects to watch in September's training camp:

Around the NHL

Chris Pronger thinks he'll be ready for Game 1 [Transcript] - Broad Street Hockey
Chris Pronger's health is, to my mind, the biggest factor in Philly's chances this season. 

Sean Avery Scores Upset Victory, Enjoys Post-Race Oat Bag -
No, not the horse's ass, the horse.

Dog Days of Summer: Dan Carcillo Edition | CANUCKS HOCKEY BLOG

It's good to know that the Vancouver/Chicago rivalry can still simmer here in August, even if Carcillo got some of the names wrong here.

The Non-Russian Factor – NHL Theory May Become Obsolete | The Hockey Writers
Interesting stuff, when you consider the Preds haven't drafted a Russian since Alexander Radulov in 2004.

‘Joey the Kid’ Needs Six Shooter for Sharks to Tame the Wild, Wild West | The Hockey Writers
It's amazing how players' games will change once they reach the NHL level and find their niche; Joe Thornton used to be quite the goal scorer on his way up, and San Jose may need him to fire the puck more aggressively this season.

Three is a Magic Number for Carlyle - Anaheim Calling
SB Nation's Anaheim bloggers react to the new contract which sets Randy Carlyle up for the next three seasons.

The Peerless Prognosticator: Captivation and the Burden of Expectation
Is Alex Ovechkin the king of Washington sports, or does young pitcher Stephen Strasburg threatening his place?

Goal Line Report : From the Ice to the Booth: An Interview with Kevin Weekes
Kevin Weekes has developed into one of the more interesting commentators on TV, and if you can catch CBC's "After Hours" program after the late Saturday night game during the season, it's some of the best hockey talk you'll find.

Introducing the Apprenticeship Program - The Goalie Guild
A novel idea here, as The Goalie Guild opens up opportunity to fledgling writers who want to focus on goaltending.

Lessons learned: How to ruin your blade | Hockey Gear HQ - news, reviews & deals
These aren't the old days, when you could easily heat up and bend a wooden blade however you like.