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Wednesday afternoon notes: Key RFA's starting to sign contracts

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In this afternoon's hockey notes, we're starting to see some of the remaining restricted free agents sign contracts as training camps prepare to open around the league. First Brad Marchand in Boston, then Zach Bogosian in Winnipeg had new deals reported this afternoon.

Besides that, however, we have Stu Grimson offering his unique insight into hockey's somber summer, Paul McCann ripping into NewsChannel 5, and a whole lot more, after the jump!

Nashville Predators News

Chris Jones on the rash of hockey-enforcer suicides - Grantland
An outstanding interview with Stu Grimson here, one of the most eloquent and introspective hockey players you'll find.

Paul McCann - Phil is at it again...
Paul takes Investigative Reporter (gotta use the capital letters there!) Phil Williams to task for his shot at the Preds last night. It is particularly sad that Phil fired up Metro Council member Michael Craddoc to spew a few sensational quotes - the guy has no apparent connection to this issue, other than his ability to provide a sound byte.

Smashville 24/7: Smith impresses Muller, line-mates in Rookie Camp
Craig Smith as a new Kevin Dineen? I used to love Dineen in NHL 94.

Smashville 24/7: A look at Anders Lindback’s mask
Yeah, I'm not seeing any Milwaukee Admirals imagery here.

Preds On The Glass: Predators Rookie Camp Series Part Three: Two Players On The Bubble
Behold Buddy's bubble bouncers!

The Hockey News: Special Features: VIDEO: Puck Panel – Nashville Predators 2011-12 preview
Ooh, talking heads talking Preds.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Bruins, Marchand reach new pact - The Globe and Mail
Well, there's one key RFA back in the fold.

Twitter / @RealKyper: #NHL news. Winnipeg #Jets ...
And in another signing, Winnipeg inks defenseman Zach Bogosian to a 2-year contract.

The Devils and Mr. Brodeur - Puck Daddy
Does Greg dare keep Martin Brodeur as a keeper in his fantasy hockey league? We'll find out Saturday, when the James Mirtle Invitational draws the curtain on another year (my keepers are Alex Ovechkin, Pekka Rinne, and Dion Phaneuf-or-Jean Michel Liles, haven't decided yet).

Proposed deal: Casino tax revenue would fund purchase of Nationwide Arena | The Columbus Dispatch
The Blue Jackets are claiming $10 million+ in annual losses, and are hoping that a new deal involving an updated arena lease can save the day. Good luck to 'em, but a team like that has no business spending above the cap midpoint like they do.

Highlights Of, and Reaction To, the Proposed Arena Deal - The Cannon
...and Dan breaks it all down from a Columbus fan's perspective.

Wither the White-Out? | Illegal Curve Hockey
Here's the news for Winnipeg (and the other places in the NHL which try this) - since the home team wears dark these days, if you have a White Out, it looks like the fans are pulling for the visitors!

Red Light District: Training camp battles: Western Conference
A nice overview of the competitions which will take place over the next couple of weeks.