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Friday's notes: Full Nashville Predators training camp opens today

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After the shortest off-season in team history, the veterans report today for Nashville Predators training camp, with off-ice testing, physicals & meetings on the agenda. The first open practices begin tomorrow morning, and will take place at Centennial Sportsplex, so make sure to come out and not only check out the team, but rub shoulders with fellow hockey fans you may not have seen for a while.

We've got the training camp roster & schedule for you to check out, but for now, follow after the jump for your morning hockey news!

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Just in time for all of you eager Fantasy Hockey managers, I’ve compiled a free ebook to share my experience from years of playing fantasy sports, and the system I’ve developed over time that helps me draft a competitive team that is specifically tailored to the scoring categories used in that particular league. It's also where you'll find my offensive projections for the Nashville Predators prior to Opening Day of the season.

Nashville Predators News

Preds On The Glass: POTG Friday Headlines, News and Links: The Wait is Over
Buddy's ready to retire the #SummerSucksDropThePuck hashtag.

New NHL Social Media Guidance Shouldn’t Be a Problem for Preds | The Hockey Writers
George looks at the NHL's new social media rules, which appear to be pretty reasonable, and still allow room for guys to engage with fans throughout the season.

PredGold: 5 Questions for Predators Training Camp
For the sake of the name of his blog, I hope John's right about the last one here!

Professional Experience "Evolved" Watson’s Game |
Our man from Ann Arbor claims to have learned a lot during his cameo in Milwaukee.

Austin Watson’s healthy summer - Predators Insider I'm assuming when Watson heads back home, Blimpy Burger is off-limits.

Meet Jack Hillen - Predators Insider
You must read this with the theme from "the Jetsons" playing in your head. "Meet Jack Hillen..."

Playoff run stokes Nashville Predators - The Tennessean
Instead of "can they ever do it", the question now is, "can they do it again?"

Craig Smith’s shoot-first strategy pays off on the score sheet - Nashville Predators Examiner
OK, if Craig Smith is straight out of Cobra Kai... then who plays Mr. Miyagi? Terry Crisp?

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Hallelujah! Luke Schenn Signs - Pension Plan Puppets
5 years, $18 million for the Toronto blueliner.

Josh Bailey Re-Signed, It's Time for Islanders Training Camp - Lighthouse Hockey
...and on Long Island, this young forward gets just 2 years at $1.05 million apiece after a disappointing 2010-2011 campaign.

Which pays Doughty more, Lombardi's lowball offer, or Doughty's outrageous demand? - Jewels From The Crown
Meanwhile in L.A., the Drew Doughty saga continues to drag on.

Business News : Tom Benjamin's NHL Blog ::
See, this is an example of the kind of damage that reports like Phil Williams' this week does to the Preds. It gives writers around North America license to toss them into a lousy-markets-of-the-NHL piece.

Stars file bankruptcy plan, take next step in sale of team - The Dallas Morning News
Step by step, the Dallas Stars are taking the journey to new ownership.

The One-Percenters - The Copper & Blue

Can you guess which Nashville Predator made this list of top projected players for the upcoming season who will make less than 1% of the salary cap ($643,000)? 

Jonathan Willis joins Staples and McCurdy on Cult of Hockey’s top line | Edmonton Journal
Congrats to our former SB Nation comrade, who has moved into another, upscale basement.

Hockey thugs battle for Toronto film fest spotlight | Reuters
The Toronto Film Festival features two movies centered around fighting in hockey - one a comedy, the other a documentary.

James Reimer's Rookie Season Comparables | The LeafsNation
Toronto's hopes rest on the shoulders of Optimus Reim in goal this season, and in a search for how comparable goalies have fared going forward, Anders Lindback shows up in this analysis.

For Lundqvist, a Summer of Joy and Sorrow -
New York's answer to Pekka Rinne discusses hockey's tragic summer, and his hopes for the upcoming season.

The Dark Blue Jacket: Part IV: The Dark Blue Jacket's Definitive History of the CBJ
In this installment of the series, Columbus emerges from the Dark Ages of Doug MacLean's leadership and makes the playoffs at last.

Understanding Advanced Stats, Part Six: CorsiRelQoT, CorsiRelQoC, CorsiQoT and CorsiQoC - Matchsticks and Gasoline
I'll admit I'm not entirely comfortable with these QoT and QoC stats, as they don't really provide much of a clear signal to provide context to more basic numbers. For example, having a high Quality of Teammates does not correlate with stronger Corsi numbers.