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Predators & Panthers set for pre-season doubleheader

Monday presents us with a rare treat (one I can't recall ever seeing before), a doubleheader of pre-season action that'll let the guys start firing pucks in anger and throwing some full-force hits, a great way to get the juices flowing after just two days of practice during training camp. While many of the young guys will be sent back to their junior teams in a few days regardless of what happens over the next two days, these games will represent what is likely the highest level of competition they've gotten to face so far.

For the guys battling for the depth position on the Nashville roster, however, the auditions are underway - so it will be interesting to see the stories which come out of tomorrow; it's just too bad we won't can't see the games for ourselves!

Inside Smashville is the first place I saw to post the Preds' rosters for the set, so head over there to check things out. Group 2 appears to have a little more veteran flavor than Group 1, and it's interesting to see all the Swedes together on the second team.

On Frozen Pond has the Florida Panthers' roster for each of the two games, and George Richards will also conduct a live chat during the action (there's no TV or radio coverage), so make sure to stop there for all the details.

The first game begins at 2:00 p.m. Central, with the second starting at 6:30. From there, the Preds will head to Baltimore where they'll face the Washington Capitals on Tuesday.