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David Legwand pens tribute to Wade Belak

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In the latest update on the developing Wade Belak story, James Mirtle writes at the Globe & Mail about how the Nashville Predators are still somewhat in shock over the events of this week:

Nashville Predators general manager David Poile said the team is still trying to reconcile the fact that Belak apparently committed suicide with the fun-loving person they knew.

"I'm telling you, this does not make any sense to me," Poile said. "This guy was happy, upbeat, looking forward to the future. He was in the office earlier this week before he went up to Toronto."

Poile added that Belak didn't even appear to be upset when the team told him at the trade deadline that they could no longer keep him on the roster, a move that ultimately ended his playing career.

"I said, ‘Do you want me to trade you? Do you want to go down to Milwaukee? What do you want to do?' " Poile recalled. "He just said, ‘I've had enough. If it's all right with you, you can assign me to Milwaukee, as long as I can stay in Nashville.'

"I'm telling you, he was good with it. He was fine, he was satisfied. He said, ‘I've done enough.' "

Follow after the jump for a look at a full-page ad which was included in Mirtle's article, and will appear in tomorrow's Tennessean, written by David Legwand...