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Nashville Predators' ECHL affiliate in Cincinnati offers football star Carson Palmer a tryout

Might this be the answer to the Nashville Predators' long-running search for a big-play offensive star? This comes today from the ECHL's Cincinnati Cyclones:

The Cincinnati Cyclones, proud affiliate of the NHL's Florida Panthers and Nashville Predators, announced today that they have offered a professional tryout to Carson Palmer. The tryout will take place on Thursday, September 29 at 7:00pm on the ice at U.S. Bank Arena. The general public is invited to attend the tryout as it will coincide with the Cyclones annual preseason Open House. Fans will also have the ability to tour the Cyclones locker room, take a shot on Cyclones broadcaster and one game goalie phenom Nick Brunker, and also pick out their seats for the upcoming Cyclones season. 

The 6'5" Southern California native recently "retired" from pro football. The Cyclones hope to allow Palmer to continue his professional sports career in Cincinnati by losing the cleats and lacing up the skates this season. Palmer spent eight great seasons leading the Bengals and the Cyclones hope that he can quarterback their power play for the upcoming year. 

Should the former Heisman Trophy winner grab a spot on the team, he will earn the league minimum of $370 per week while also sharing lodging with one of his teammates in a spacious two-bedroom apartment. Palmer will also enjoy the luxury of traveling to and from each game on a ‘sleeper' bus where each player has their very own bunk. Palmer, who has worn #9 during his entire pro-career, will have to negotiate with last year's leading scorer Mathieu Aubin to wear the single digit mark this season. 

"To be able to have an athlete such as Carson Palmer would be a major addition to this year's club" said Cyclones Head Coach Jarrod Skalde. "Palmer's leadership and command of a game in the offensive zone should help our squad this season. His skating ability, stick handling skills, and slapshot have yet to be seen but growing up in the hockey hotbed of Fresno, can only think he's a natural."    

You've just got to love the moxie shown by minor pro sports teams to grab an opportunity for fresh PR. This calls to mind similar stunts in the past such as Manute Bol's debut with the Indianapolis Ice (or their subsequent signing of Tonya Harding), or Gordie Howe's "6th Decade" shift with the Detroit Vipers.

The bottom line? It's all about getting some attention, and here's to wishing the Cyclones a little luck as they try to sell tickets leading into the new season.

Thanks to OTF reader Dustan for the tip...