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Thursday afternoon notes: Who will play first? Mike Fisher, or Matthew Lombardi?

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As word comes out of Toronto that Matthew Lombardi's recovery from post-concussion symptoms is proceeding quickly, while Mike Fisher remains on the shelf for the Preds (skating on his own rather than practicing with the team as he recovers from summer shoulder surgery), Nashville fans are left with a bit of an awkward conundrum.

Obviously, we're all happy for Lombo's return to action - many had reasonably feared that his hockey career, and quality of life in general, would be permanently affected by that fateful fall in Chicago last October. The trade this summer with Toronto was seen as an unpleasant, yet necessary task for GM David Poile; the team simply couldn't afford the risk of carrying his $3.5 million salary for two more seasons, especially in light of the Mike Fisher pickup back in February. When managing risk, it's all about balancing costs, benefits, and probabilities, and managers often have to make decisions without having all the information they would like (such as the timing and certainty of Lombardi's recovery).

Now, then, we're left in the short term with what might be the worst outcome of them all for the Preds; a healthy, speedy Lombardi adding punch to the Toronto attack, while Fisher's shoulder issue lingers for an indeterminate period. Does this turn of events change your opinion of the trade (which was deemed "Thumbs Down" by about a 2-to-1 margin at the time)? Or is it still too early to judge?

Ponder those questions while perusing your afternoon hockey notes, which conclude with a video straight from Brendan Shanahan, handing down the first suspension in his new role as the NHL's dean of discipline...

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Nashville Predators News

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Ah, September, or as it's known in the NHL, "groin pulling season".

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

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Matthew Lombardi took part in Leafs practice today, without contact. Here's an interesting excerpt: "Lombardi said he has made more progress since he was traded to Toronto in early July than he had the previous eight months while a member of the Nashville Predators".

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We conclude today with the first suspension decision handed down by NHL VP of Player Safety Brendan Shanahan, and regardless of the actual decision, you have to love the way this announcement has been put together. Fabulous, fabulous stuff: