Goo Goo Goal

The season's first exhibition game brought a new wrinkle to Predators home games--and really, it's one that could only occur in Nashville, Tennessee. It's called a Goo Goo Goal. If the Preds score a goal in the last minute of a designated period, everybody in the house gets a voucher for a free Goo Goo Cluster. Say what? our neighbors to the north may ask. OK, then. Goo Goos are round mounds of chocolate, caramel, marshmallow and peanuts. They've been made in Nashville since 1912 and they've been sponsoring another of Nashville's institutions, the Grand Ole Opry, since the 1920s. In a way, it's an indication the Predators have lodged themselves even deeper into the fabric of community experience. And that's great. But I'm still waiting for a Jack Daniel's Goal.

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