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Saturday's notes: Enjoy college football, for now...

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It's opening weekend for the college football season, which of course means that here in Middle Tennessee people are going nuts over their favorite teams. It's an exciting time, no question, so at least for now, hockey fans, go ahead and join in the fun - we've still got a little while before you need to get your priorities straight and focus on pucks!

Nashville Predators News

CBC’s P.J. Stock: Wade Belak not a suicide but an ‘accidental death’ - Puck Daddy
I've seen similar talk on Twitter from some who claim to have received information along these lines. I'll just leave it at that for now, hopefully the police will come out with a report that will clear the air.

Hockey Primetime - 2011 Training Camp Preview: Nashville Predators
Jim Diamond writes up a preview for Hockey PrimeTime, and sees Nick Spaling as his breakout candidate for this year.

Around the NHL

Who Plays on the Penalty Kill? - The Cannon
Can the Predators' power play take advantage of this bunch in Columbus?

About those Hernik Zetterberg sightings in New York City - Puck Daddy
OK, this is pretty funny.

How hockey got hooked on pills - The Globe and Mail
Now this is something I can genuinely see as a problem in the game. Even if it didn't cross the boundary into substance abuse, you have to wonder how many guys require pain medication on a constant basis once the season starts.

Bauer video teases Alex Ovechkin switch from CCM | Hockey Gear HQ - reviews & deals on hockey equipment and apparel
NHL superstar Alex Ovechkin recently ended his relationship with CCM, and a new video from Bauer appears to set the stage for a big announcement.

Fantasy hockey finds its roots with Neil Smith, MSG -
It was 30 years ago today, Neil Smith taught the nerds to play...