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Friday's notes: A little dinner, a little golf, a lot of money raised

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This is what they're playing for this morning at the Celebrity Golf Classic to benefit Peterson for Parkinson's and the Nashville Predators Foundation.
This is what they're playing for this morning at the Celebrity Golf Classic to benefit Peterson for Parkinson's and the Nashville Predators Foundation.

The fundraising continues this morning in Nashville with a celebrity golf event following up last evening's dinner & silent auction, an event which brought in a lot of money for a good cause, and helped heal a few hearts, too.

For recaps of last night's event, see Preds On The GlassSmashville 24/7Inside Smashville, and Predators Insider.

But for now, follow after the jump for your morning hockey news...

While reading this morning, listen in as Pete Weber joined Fan 590 in Toronto yesterday:

Pete Weber on Fan 590 20110907 (mp3)

Nashville Predators News

Preds On The Glass: POTG Friday Headlines, News and Links: Petey's Party a Huge Hit
And to think, Buddy was complaining last night about not having much to link to this morning. As usual, he's got a boatload of stuff, including my followup to his drunken elk story.

All-Star Game | Admirals Roundtable
Well, if the NHL gets to go to Las Vegas for the Awards, then Atlantic City sounds appropriate for the AHL, right? It's better than Branson, Missouri.

Sponsors return to NFL, NHL - The Tennessean
It sounds like corporate money is starting to flow a bit more into local sports teams' coffers, addressing an area which has been portrayed as a weak point with the Predators in the past.

Chet Pickard works toward goal of spot with Nashville Predators - The Tennessean
Chet's under pressure to rebound from a horrid 2010-2011 season.

Around the wide, wide world of hockey

Ice Rebels Ready to Drop the Puck | The Hockey Writers
OK, you've got to love the logo for the Ole Miss Ice Rebels. That's great...

Brad Richards: Head-shot ban would likely be accepted - The Globe and Mail
Crosby got the ball rolling on this topic earlier in the week, and Brad Richards appears to want to build the momentum.

Do You Want Your Defense to Score? - The Copper & Blue
An interesting question for Predators fans, as the D play a large role in the Nashville offense.

Doughty: no deal imminent, won't attend Hockey Fest - Jewels From The Crown
Just 8 days from training camp, and the Kings still don't have their star defenseman signed.

Poile Prevented Pottersville " Dump and Chase
As pointed out by Japers Rink, today marks the anniversary of one of the boldest (and most successful) trades of David Poile's career.

Driving Play: On Zone Starts
More deep thinking on how important faceoffs are in both the offensive and defensive end, as compared to on-the-fly shift changes or neutral zone starts.

Big Acquisition: Jets Sign Kyle Wellwood to a One Year Deal - Arctic Ice Hockey
Heads are nodding among the hockey cognoscenti over this addition for Winnipeg.

Panthers, Coyotes Make Smallest Trade Ever - Houses of the Hockey
And no, we're not talking about Steve Sullivan-for-Corey Stillman here.

Players jittery about playing in KHL - The Globe and Mail
I think it's a bit unfortunate to foster this kind of talk before we know what happened to that plane, but I know it's been a long-standing concern.

Lastly, check out this gesture by Dynamo Minsk in recognition of the fallen players of Lokomotiv: