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On The Forecheck Podcast: Episode 3


In today's episode Sam and I hit on some of the hot (and not so hot) topics in the Nashville Predators community including Shea Weber's return, the change of power involved there and what Ryan Suter thinks of going back to being the "second guy," who is the best current Nashville Predator to put on a jersey, best and worst customizable jerseys seen around Bridgestone Arena as well as discussion about the current series against the Colorado Avalanche!

Follow after the jump to listen to and download this week's On The Forecheck Podcast!

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  • 1:53 - Shea Weber's return
  • 7:03 - Ryan Suter unhappy?
  • 14:48 - Who's the best Predator to put on a jersey?
  • 26:26 - Top 10 best and worst custom jerseys seen around Bridgestone Arena.
  • 41:17 - A look ahead to Colorado and Philadelphia