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Where should visitors to Nashville go before & after a Predators game?

<em><a href="" target="new">They are coming.</a></em>
They are coming.

Next Saturday, when the Chicago Blackhawks visit Bridgestone Arena, a cadre of Blackhawks fans from Second City Hockey will be making the pilgrimage to our fair city to take in the action. Being the besotted louts that they are, SamFels and the gang have a couple questions for you, Dear Reader:

The main one is that we need a place we can meet up before and after the game. Obviously, we'd like it to be walking distance to Bridgestone. However, I know that the arena is kind of smack dab in the middle of the main strip or whatever, and hence everything around there might be on the touristy, tacky, or both side. But hey, we're tourists. So as long as it's not skull-crushingly awful, it'll be fine.

Secondly, a couple friends and I will be down on the Friday before. Is there something that you can't leave Nashville without doing? Some place you have to eat or some place you have to drink, in that field? Or is it all just a rich tapestry and we'll have fun no matter where we end up?

So where should those guys can pickle themselves before and after the game, while soaking in a bit of Music City culture during their stay? Please share your suggestions in the comments below, and/or their thread over at SCH.

After all, even if Preds fans can make an opposing team's experience hell, we'll welcome visitors into town, right?