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New On The Forecheck Podcast: Episode Four


In today's episode of the On The Forecheck Podcast, Dirk makes his first appearance on the show!

First, Sam and I recap the Predators hot streak as of late, then Dirk joins us to give his opinion on Sergei Kostitsyn's play as well as the recent happenings on the Shea Weber/Ryan Suter front. Finally, Sam and I do a quick look ahead at what could be a defining stretch of games coming up for the Predators in the Central Divison.

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  • 1:47 - A look back at the Flyers, Islanders and Rangers games.
  • 15:53 - Dirk talks about Serge Kostitsyn's play as of late. Is it just a fluke?
  • 22:29 - Dirk joins in the Weber/Suter discussion and the future of those two in Nashville.
  • 40:26 - Looking at the Predators week ahead.