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Shea Weber places 2nd to Chara in Hardest Shot Competition

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Shea Weber did his best, but couldn't quite upset Zdeno Chara in the Hardest Shot competition at the NHL All-Star event tonight in Ottawa. Weber set a new personal best with a 106.0 mph slapper in the final round, but Chara's NHL-record-setting 108.8 blast from earlier won the title for the 5th straight time. One of the side-stories here was that Chara switched to a different brand of hockey stick this year, while Weber stuck with his.

Outside of the Hardest Shot, there were few moments when Preds stood out. Craig Smith looked good in his portion of the Skills Challenge Relay, and Ryan Suter played a minor role in the Shooting Accuracy (as a set-up man) and Elimination Shoot Out (he missed his attempt) events.

All in all, however, it was a pretty entertaining evening. The highlight, perhaps, was the Breakaway Challenge, in which several creative crowd-pleasing moments came together (Patrick Kane's Superman dive was my favorite).

Full results from the evening are listed at

But what were your favorite moments from tonight?