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Sunday's notes: It's Suter vs. Weber at the NHL All-Star Game

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The Nashville Predators' top defensemen are ready to hit the ice this afternoon at the NHL All-Star Game (3:00 p.m. Central on NBC Sports, the channel formerly known as Versus). We'll get a chance for the first time (since the Olympics, see the comments below) to see Shea Weber and Ryan Suter compete against one another, as Weber plays for Team Alfredsson, and Suter for Team Chara.

Will it be the last? That's the question that won't be answered for several more months, it appears...

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Nashville Predators News

Suter irked by coverage of his comments - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
For those who thought Suter meant that signing now would be a distraction to himself, and not the team the other day - "Suter stands by his comment that he’s decided he won’t sign an extension before the Feb. 27 trade deadline, but that’s solely because he feels those contract talks would be a distraction hovering over the team." I still find that notion absurd, but regardless - if signing before the Trade Deadline would be a distraction, you can pretty much write off the idea of him signing during the rest of the season.

Should Nashville Reload or Rebuild (Part III) - Hack Whack and Snack
Dave is waiting for his confidence in David Poile to be rewarded.

Preds On The Glass: An All-Star Weekend Look Back: Stanley Cup Winner and NHL Awards
Buddy wraps up his series looking back at pre-season predictions.

The Prospect Panel: From Ryan Ellis To Mark Scheifele | The Hockey Writers
Three observers chime in on the Preds rookie's long-term prospects.

Early wake-up call well worth it - JSOnline
Chris Mueller will represent the Ads at the AHL All-Star Game, held in Atlantic City.

Ads Hit All-Star Break With 3-1 Loss To Rockford | Admirals Roundtable
The Admirals could use a break, as they've now lost four straight.

Shea Weber, Ryan Suter bond started at Nashville Predators' first NHL draft - The Tennessean
The combo here is greater than the sum of its part, which is still pretty impressive.

Here's Shea Weber chatting it up with E.J. Hradek ahead of the skills competition yesterday:

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Crosby may have fractured vertebrae on top of his concussion - Backhand Shelf
Big news on the Sidney Crosby front, as this might prove to be the key to getting him back to 100%.

Bettman Says League Has Advanced Money to the Devils -
This is about the least shocking news of the week, although at least the commish finally admitted it.

Hockey World, Jan 29: Myhres puts troubles behind him - Edmonton Journal
Take a thorough walk around the NHL with one of the most comprehensive Sunday columns out there.

The Statistical Oddity All-Star Team - Backhand Shelf
SK74 was robbed, I tell ya.

John Collins helps bring NHL, All-Star weekend into 21st century - Michael Farber -
Meet the man behind so many of the initiatives which have helped the NHL grow as a business since the lockout of 2004-2005.

The Awards Show Will Remain in Vegas " Puck The Media
Buddy, Ryan, Jeremy, and the rest of the gang who travel to cover such events have to be geeked about this!

Driving Play: An Amazing Addition To The Copper & Blue - The Copper & Blue
Edmonton makes a blockbuster move to load up ahead of the trade deadline. No, not the Oilers... the SB Nation blog.

Playoff Probabilities: Applying Score-Adjusted Fenwick% - Fear The Fin
Some solid number-crunching here, building off work that was done over at Broad Street Hockey recently.

An illustrated guide to NHL All-Star Game MVPs and their accomplishments | Puck Daddy
For you infographic lovers.

Leafs boss furious at Don Cherry: Source - Toronto Sun
Burke needs to rent out a barn and challenge Grapes.

ECHL line brawl: 278 PIMs, mask-on goalie fight, hysterical announcer (Video) | Puck Daddy
What is this, 1978?

NHL parity a myth despite institution of hard salary cap -
You know when a column starts with infantile whining like this, that it's just another collection of talking points from NHLPA stealth-spokesman Larry Brooks: "The Vow that imposing a hard salary cap on the NHL would keep ticket prices in line has proved as accurate as the promise that the cap would become the magic elixir allowing every team to compete for the Stanley Cup every year."

Winnipeg waiting to host NHL All-Star weekend - The Globe and Mail
WTF? They should just be happy they're back in the NHL. Get in the back of the line, Winnipeg, we'll get to you in a few decades.

Watch the Igloo’s roof come crashing down during Pittsburgh demolition (Video) | Puck Daddy
It's always interesting to watch buildings come tumbling down...

The Dark Blue Jacket: When the Blue Jackets finally start winning...
Give a tip o' the hat to the Columbus fans who came to rally for change.

Flames Burning up Barter Town - Is Jeff Carter next? - Matchsticks and Gasoline
With Brendan Morrison shipped off to Chicago, is Calgary looking to swing a deal for Carter?

NHL, union leaders keep mum on negotiation timeframe - The Globe and Mail
When will serious talks get rolling? Who knows.

Lastly, listen in as a TSN panel discusses all sorts of Trade Deadline issues (as found at Kukla's Korner):