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Shea Weber & Ryan Suter play supporting roles in entertaining NHL All Star Game

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The Nashville Predators representation in today's All Star Game was a little understated, but showcasing defensemen has never been a big part of this event anyway. Ryan Suter tallied one assist with a -2 rating while Shea Weber went scoreless and a +2, as Team Chara pulled away midway through the 3rd period to earn the 12-9 win. Marian Gaborik of the New York Rangers was named the All-Star MVP with 3 goals and an assist.

We've got the video highlights and more after the jump...

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Cue the video (might not work until 30-60 minutes post-game):

A few notes:

  • Ryan Suter almost caught a puck up high on a shot by Jason Pominville, which led to the John Tavares goal late in the first period. The last thing any of us want to see is an injury in an event like this!
  • For those of you keeping the NHL Trade Deadline in mind, Suter spent the game paired up with former teammate, and current Philadelphia Flyer Kimmo Timonen.
  • The All-Star Game is all about the forwards, the defensemen are largely just there to get them the puck and the goalies aren't much more than prat-falling comic relief, so Nashville's duo didn't get too involved in the scoring. No defenseman on either team ended up with more than one assist, and only Zdeno Chara scored a goal.
  • Suter did a bench interview with Pierre McGuire, admitting that games like this are tough on the blueliners but saying he really enjoyed being around the other All-Stars this weekend. McGuire concluded by wishing Suter good luck with his contract, at which point I could swear that I heard ominous organ music playing in the background...
  • The biggest ovation came when Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson scored twice late in the 2nd period, they had to hold up the ensuing faceoff for a few extra seconds the first time so he could recognize the crowd.
  • Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins got credit for the win, setting an All-Star Game record with his 4th straight victory.

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