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Tuesday afternoon notes: Down Goes Jimmy Balls

My, how things have changed over the course of 4 short years. Back in the summer of 2007, Predators fans had to band together and rally to keep the team in Middle Tennessee as potential owner Jim Balsillie talked up the virtues of owning a team in Nashville while actively seeking to relocate the Preds to Hamilton, Ontario. That move prompted Craig Leipold to withdraw from the deal and sell to local investors instead, after which Balsillie moved on to a failed hijacking of the Coyotes.

Now, it looks like all that effort has not only come to naught, but perhaps has wrought ruin for his day job as chairman of Research In Motion, the maker of Blackberry mobile phones. Not only did a patient, understated ownership group successfully acquire the Jets for Winnipeg (accomplishing his coveted "Make It Seven" goal), but now, it appears that Balsillie's business fortunes are taking a further turn for the worse, as the Blackberry Billionaire is about to be turned out on his ear...

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Nashville Predators News

Today in Schadenfreude |
Jim Balsillie and some guy whose last name is an anagram for "IS A LIZARD" look like they're getting pushed out as co-chairs of Research In Motion. I like Pete Weber's proposal, to have the NHL buy RIM and move the headquarters to Glendale, Arizona.

Paul McCann - Tuesday Stuff
Paul spent some quality time in front of the TV yesterday, between the Winter Classic and the dawn of NBC Sports.

Should Nashville Reload or Rebuild (Part II) | Hack Whack and Snack
Dave continues his series examining how he'd retool the Preds if given the chance.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

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The TV numbers took a bit of a dive compared to previous editions of the Winter Classic, and Steve argues that next year will see a rebound.

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Forget about the Preds playing in this any time soon, but don't worry about that. The Winter Classic is a league-wide event, and it makes sense to feature the big-market teams.

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Elliotte Friedman pumps up the "NHL to Seattle" possibilities, which I'm hugely in favor of.

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A look at how the last several years have seen a monumental shift in the NHL's marketing efforts, and how those are paying off.

Rallying around 'Jabby' | Minnesota Hockey Hub | MN Boys High School Hockey

Count Nashville Predators defenseman Jack Hillen among those pulling for Jack Jablonski, a high school player in Minnesota who has two broken vertebrae in his neck after a recent hit into the boards. He's reported to be in critical condition with paralysis to his legs.

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For Penguins fans, this was The Year Without Crosby.

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The Capitals welcome back their high-scoring defenseman after he missed the last 23 games.

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This sounds like getting your car detailed before putting it for sale.