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Does even know what they're talking about anymore?

Earlier today, we received the good news that Shea Weber was back at practice today at A-Game Sportsplex in Franklin. OtF had the news up immediately, complete with pictures, depictions and quotes from the day's events. had the news up a little later, as well. However, the article that was published on the league's website had quite a few problems getting even the basic facts straight...


In case you can't read it, here's what the text says:

Nashville captain Shea Weber returned to practice Tuesday for the first time since suffering a concussion on Dec. 23.

The news was broken by the Predators on the team's official twitter feed, which tweeted out a photo of Weber at practice wearing a yellow no-contact jersey. There is still no timetable for his return.

The reigning Norris Trophy-winner and impending unrestricted free agent has been having an impressive year for the Predators, tallying 8 goals and 21 assts while registering a +14. At the time of his injury he was on pace for roughly 68 points, a number that would shatter his career high of 53 points in the 2008-09 season.

Weber has missed four games so far since being diagnosed with the concussion. Nashville has managed to win three of four games without him and is currently six points behind the Central Division-leading Blackhawks.

Right off the bat there are two egregious errors regarding Weber himself:

1) Shea Weber is not the "reigning Norris Trophy-winner." That would be Nicklas Lidstrom. Weber finished a close second in the voting.

2) Shea Weber is also not an "impending unrestricted free agent." Weber will be a restricted free agent at the end of this year, meaning the Predators can sign him to an offer sheet and negotiate with him exclusively before other teams do, unlike unrestricted free agency which is a total free-for-all.

And maybe I'm just being nitpicky, but here are a few other things wrong with the story:

The article references this tweet sent out by the team that broke the Weber news. (and if we're being technical, OtF's story was published five minutes before the team's tweet, but I digress....)

According to the article, Weber was "wearing a yellow no-contact jersey." In that picture, Weber isn't wearing anything close to yellow. And anybody in attendance at the practice saw that Weber wore blue, then switched over to a white jersey.

And it sure wasn't a "no-contact" jersey. Trotz even said in his media availability that he probably should have put Weber in a no-contact jersey instead of the one he was actually wearing.

The article in question has since been updated (about three hours after it was published), switching the wording to "Norris Trophy finalist" and "potential restricted free agent," as well as completely removing anything that has to do with the color or meaning of Weber's jersey.

Look, I know bloggers have a reputation for being a bunch of whiny fans who complain about everything the mainstream media says. This, however, is an example of a league website publishing multiple pieces of false information about its own trophy, its own CBA and one of its best players. How does something like that happen?

Hat tip to DonBorvio for finding this.