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Predators 5, Wild 4: Another Unbelievable Comeback

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The Nashville Predators played one of the sloppiest games all season in their defensive zone tonight against the Minnesota Wild. So they came up with a fresh game plan, and tried spending the last half of the 3rd period in the offensive end, instead.

That paved the way for another unbelievable comeback, as Nashville won after trailing 4-1 midway through the final period.

UPDATE: Listen in to the radio highlights, courtesy of 102.5 The Game:

Predators Wild highlights 2012-01-31 (mp3)

Video highlights and post-game reaction from today's win after the jump:

Cue the video (might take 30-45 minutes post-game to work):

Your random observations:

  • Those two goals for Heatley in the first period both came after he was left all alone in a prime scoring area. So much for coming out of the break playing well...
  • Outside of Shea Weber in the moments after he broke a stick, the physical intensity was completely lacking, as well. The Wild got away with quite a bit of face-washing and mugging after whistles blew around the the Minnesota net, but the Preds didn't show any of that kind of nastiness.
  • In terms of overall jump, however, Colin Wilson and Craig Smith looked especially dynamic. Smith's move to draw the first penalty of the game was a daring charge down the middle, which we need to see more of.
  • The 3rd goal for Minnesota was another depressing display of defense, as Clutterbuck blew by Kevin Klein to throw a puck which found its way through Rinne. Peks wasn't particularly strong tonight either, although he did come up with a big kick save to stop a 2-on-1 late in the 3rd period that kept the Preds in the game.
  • Klein made up for his gaffe somewhat about 8 minutes later when Nashville finally got on the board, as he threw a very tip-able shot towards the net which Halischuk converted on for the score. You don't need the big windup, just get the puck in there!
  • Any hopes for a comeback were doused pretty quickly in the 3rd as Kyle Brodziak strolled the red carpet out of the corner and stuffed another puck through Rinne for a 4-1 lead just 16 seconds in. Ryan Suter looked really bad on that one, completely losing contact with his man.
  • Kudos to Brandon Yip for his first goal as a Predator there in the 3rd period. That really seemed to ignite things, as...
  • ...that three-minute segment towards the end was one of the silliest things I've ever seen. The Hornqvist goal was nice, then to see Fisher slam home the tying goal 21 seconds later was like found money. The winner, though, was like a winning lottery ticket. Fish had been knocked to the ice earlier, and was all the way up against the boards when he let loose that winning shot. It had no business going in, but it did.
  • And hey, at least the Wild had the courtesy to melt down during the third period rather than wait for the shootout, eh?

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