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Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Will the Lockout Ultimately Help Nashville?

While the Lockout is certainly causing grief for owners, players and fans alike, will the pain prove to be worth it in the long run, particularly for a small but growing hockey market like Nashville?

Our hockey notes this morning start off with an interview featuring NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, which addresses that very question...

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Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Nashville Predators News

NHL says it's trying to look out for small markets | The Tennessean
See. they're doing it all for fans like us! (don't bet on it)

Preds On The Glass: Could Nashville's future NHL All-Star Game bid be affected by the lockout?
Buddy ponders some long-term consequences.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

The Globe's Contracted NHL - Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Hockey Draft Results
Eric Duhatschek of The Globe & Mail wanted to conduct an exercise that many fans in traditional markets have longed for - contracting the NHL down to 12 teams, centered around most of the existing Canadian markets, and the biggest American ones. I was asked to participate (drafting for Detroit), and you can check out the results here. Remember, these weren't supposed to be just fantasy teams, we were supposed to draft "real" teams that could actually kill penalties and such. I'll have more on this in a separate post.

Kontinental Hockey League - Official Website - New record attendance
Look out, world, the KHL packed the house with 16,304 people for a hockey game! Yeah, I think they've still got a ways to go before they're a legitimate threat to the NHL.

NHL ownership stance appears off-balance - The Globe and Mail
The thorny issue of revenue sharing remains perhaps the biggest obstacle to a happy, healthy 30-team league. But can the owners sort out that mess internally, or must they put that financial burden on the players?

NHL lockout: Donald Fehr says a longer work stoppage could lead to unrest over salary cap -
Are the players considering the nuclear option in negotiations?

Hearsay: NHL brass not visiting Ann Arbor -
Is this a sign that bodes ill for the future of the Winter Classic? It's hard to say.

Theo Fleury wants Canada to follow American lead on sentencing pedophiles - The Globe and Mail
With Jerry Sandusky getting a 30-year sentence yesterday, Fleury is trying to pressure Canadian legislators to stiffen penalties up there.

Ian White will be the key for the Red Wings defence this season | Backhand Shelf

Therein lies hope for Nashville.

Drift Out Here Forever (May 31, 1987) | Backhand Shelf
The game of the 80's is almost unrecognizable today, and that's a sad thing.

Why are goalie save percentages rising? |
Eric walks through a few possible explanations for the rising tide.

Budd Lynch, longtime Detroit Red Wings PA announcer, dies - Denver Post
Budd Lynch survived the D-Day invasion and was a fixture with the Red Wings ever since, his voice associated with a hockey game was as familiar as a favorite blanket to me.