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NHL CBA Talks Heat Up: Owners Propose 50/50 Split

With a short time left to save the prospects of an 82-game season, the NHL rolled out a proposal today which moves the CBA negotiations forward - but how will the players respond?

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

(SB Nation) -- It's been weeks since either side in NHL labor talks has made significant movement, but the league did just that in talks Tuesday morning, offering a 50/50 percent split in hockey-related revenue and no rollback in the face dollar value on existing player contracts.

Gary Bettman announced the plan after talks at the NHLPA's headquarters in Toronto, according to the Canadian Press and others, saying that it's the league's last-ditch effort to save an 82-game NHL season. Bettman said that if the season begins no later than Nov. 2, the 82-game schedule could still be played.

It's not exactly a slam-dunk offer, even if it may seem that way . The current revenue split is 57 percent in favor of the players, and with an immediate decrease to a 50/50 split, players will have to lose money somehow, whether it's immediate or it's phased in over time or it's taken out of future league growth. Reports indicate that current contracts will be protected under the new proposal, and that the existing definition of HRR is preserved. That's all good news, but it's yet to be seen how escrow will be impacted under the new proposal.

The owners have, however, asked for a limit on contract terms and slight changes to free agency rules, according to John Shannon at Sportsnet.

According to a series of tweets from Shannon, the details:

* Unrestricted free agency would begin at age 28 or eight years of NHL service, up from 27 and seven years presently -- movement of one year in the owners' favor.

* Entry-level contracts, which allow teams to keep young players locked in at low salaries for the first several years of their careers, would extend from three-years in length to four years.

* A five-year limit would be put in place on all long-term contracts. Currently, there is no term limit.

* Salary arbitration, which was eliminated in the owners' initial proposal, remains intact.

Donald Fehr didn't give much detail on the offer from the NHLPA's perspective, saying that they still need to wade through the details before stating publicly their feelings on the proposal. According to TSN, the union has called a 5 p.m. conference call with their executive board and their negotiating committee. Fehr did say that the new agreement would be at least six years in length.

At the very least, it is progress. It's meaningful movement, and it give the players' union a position to bargain from.