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Wednesday's Dump & Chase: It's Your Move, Mr. Fehr

Yesterday's CBA proposal by the NHL was seen as a watershed moment for the negotiations, a chance to get things moving towards resolution in time to save a full season. Will the NHLPA keep that momentum rolling?

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Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

Nashville Predators News

Locked-out players use time off ice to discover city | The Tennessean
They really need to get this situation resolved soon. It sounds like Paul Gaustad has gone to the dogs.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Grange on CBA: All eyes on Fehr -
Has Bettman seized the advantage, by getting to the 50/50 mark which just seems "fair" to outside observers, and doing so with little time to spare in order to hold an 82-game season? A great deal of pressure is on Don Fehr now.

Is that a light I see at the end of this tunnel? | Toronto Maple Leafs
Alex sums up some of the proposal's details as shared by Bob McKenzie. I like the AHL salary treatment in particular, and the elimination of re-entry waivers. That proved to be an unnecessary barrier for some transactions.

Crunch Time : Tom Benjamin's NHL Blog ::
It's about time that Tom checked back in...

Mood swings happen often in NHL labour discussions - The Globe and Mail
Anticipation soared after details of the owners' proposal came out yesterday, but slow down, folks.

NHL expansion to Quebec City, Toronto: Yes, it actually makes sense -
I want to see Seattle get in the picture at some point, but this smells like a winner.

Spector on NHL: Bettman, you're fired -
Apparently Mark Spector doesn't understand that there are 53 guys on an NFL roster as opposed to 23 in the NHL.

Arena project dead? Katz letter to council shows how precarious deal has become - Edmonton Journal
There's some serious pouting going on in Edmonton.

The 2004-05 NHL lockout effect on attendance |
Cam takes a regional approach to the question of how attendance trended before and after the Great Lockout.

Lost City of Bettman - For Kansas City Hockey Fans: Introducing the Unscientific, Arbitrary, Favorite College Hockey Team Deciding Flowchart
This is pretty darned terrific (found at Puck Daddy)!

Down Goes Brown: A brief history of Dominik Hasek
DGB looks back at the most dominant goaltender the game has ever seen.

Alexander Radulov is leading the KHL in scoring, will consume you whole | Backhand Shelf
No wonder Rads went back to the KHL, it looks like he's been hypnotized!