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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Still a Busy Time for Hockey in Nashville

Even though we're all waiting to see how the NHLPA responds to the owners' latest CBA proposal, there is plenty of other hockey-related activity going on all around us. The high-school hockey season ready to open, and the Predators hosted an event for season ticket holders last night. Meanwhile, team leadership has been busy planning how they'll get the NHL season rolling if and when a deal gets struck...

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Joel Auerbach

Nashville Predators News

New looks for local hockey teams in 2012 | The Tennessean
Sumner County's three high school teams are ready to drop the puck, and Chris Brooks sets things up with a season preview. For more on the high school hockey scene, check out Chris Rydburg's recent article here.

Preds host ticket holders to discuss NHL lockout - WSMV Channel 4
Last night, the Preds held a panel discussion for season ticket holders featuring team staff, as well as the crew from 102.5 The Game.

Predators' David Poile, Barry Trotz never put thoughts of hockey on ice | The Tennessean
There's no rest for these two, even during the lockout. It's too bad they don't get a chance to just sleep until noon and eat pizza for breakfast, I'm sure they could use the rest.

Gill and Gaustad weigh in on proposal - Predators Insider
Josh Cooper polls two of the elder Predators on where things stand.

NHL offer, hope for full season cheered by Nashville businesses - Nashville Business Journal
Forget the fans, local businesses are ready and waiting for hockey season to get underway.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL, NHLPA enter zone of potential agreement | Hockey | CBC Sports
Come for the outstanding CBA analysis, but stay for the mind-blowingly tremendous idea for a way that the NHL could help combat the effects of childhood bullying. Between this and his since-deleted tweet about the NHL's PR stunt yesterday, Elliotte Friedman has climbed to ever-higher levels of credibility as one of hockey's finest reporters.

Lockout Lit presents: an excerpt from H.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Fellowship of the Revenue' - Lighthouse Hockey
Let's give a standing ovation to PGI for this one...

Defining victory in the NHL lockout - The Globe and Mail
Ken Dryden, who serves as the sage voice of hockey, argues that neither side should be willing to take things too far.

NHL, players remain at least $550-million apart - The Globe and Mail
James does a fine job of laying out the financial results of the current positions.

Why the players won’t go for NHL’s latest proposal - The Globe and Mail
Don't expect the players to fall so easily for that 50/50 talk.

NHL’s Proposed ELC Structure Could Benefit College Hockey | The United States of Hockey
Might 2-year entry-level contracts prompt NHL teams to wait a bit longer before signing their college draftees to a pro deal?

Doc Emrick is back at work... calling figure skating - Awful Announcing
Hey, even the announcers need to keep busy during the lockout.

Hearsay: Ex-NHLers enjoying KHL life -
Chris Simon's digging the casual lifestyle while playing for Metallurg Novokunetsk.

Council votes to cease negotiations with Katz Group on downtown arena - Edmonton Journal
Wow, it's getting really ugly in Edmonton, where just a few weeks ago it looked like they were on their way to finalizing plans on a new arena.

You Know You Work In Sports When… | The Business of Sports
Consider this an ode to all the folks who do the hard work bringing us the entertainment of pro sports.

Brooks Laich’s Flaming "Top Scorer" Jersey and Helmet - Russian Machine Never Breaks
Wow, you really can tell who the hot scorer is over in Switzerland!

Where Would The NHL Be If Bain Capital Had Bought The Whole League In 2005? - Deadspin
A fine read here on the story from the last lockout, when Mitt Romney's old outfit made a run at buying up the entire NHL. George wrote more on that a few weeks ago.

We are the Yahoo! Sports NHL team here to talk about the NHL lockout and all general puck news - Reddit
The Puck Daddy crew conducted a Q&A session on Reddit (which those hipster kids tell me is all the rage these days), and Greg Wyshynski paid us a very nice compliment indeed.