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Friday's Dump & Chase: Hope Fades for 82-Game Season

Tuesday's proposal from the NHL raised the prospects of saving an 82-game season, but yesterday's dramatic reversal pretty much burnt them to the ground. Don't be surprised if the NHL cancels more of the season later today, having already scratched the games through October 24th. The only question is, how much of the schedule will be lost?

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Nashville Predators News

NHL lockout grinds on as hopes of settlement fade | The Tennessean
The Preds players Josh Cooper spoke to were disappointed in yesterday's events, but are still hopeful that a solution can be found soon.

Fisher proceeds with caution on CBA - Predators Insider
Mike Fisher certainly doesn't sound happy with a quick drop to 50/50.

Admirals Anniversary: The Lost (Early) Years : The Hockey Writers

Looking back at 35 years of Milwaukee Admirals hockey.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Why the NHL players’ 50-50 compromise may not matter - The Globe and Mail
While the PA's proposals look like they aren't that far off from the owners', it's important to remember that they are dependent on strong growth rates going forward in order to draw the players' share down to 50%. That's a risk I doubt the owners want to take on.

Five teams that need an amnesty buyout - The Hockey News
It's a little surprising that amnesty buyouts haven't been in the conversation this time around.

Crosby leads players against league's 'hard-line offers' - The Globe and Mail
Oh snap, Sidney Crosby might be on the verge of saying something interesting.

Wild's Zach Parise unhappy with the owners, discusses bad day for NHL |
He's unhappy, but of course he won't single out Craig Leipold, one of the leading voices of the lockout, who wants to scale back the gargantuan contract he just signed with Parise a few months ago.

Brooklyn Nets Get New Look: Why Sports Logos Are So Important -
Some interesting discussion on logos and branding, as found at Kukla's Korner.

How the Danbury Whalers are bringing the sounds on the ice to fans in the stands | Puck Daddy
Now here's a novel addition to the fan experience...

This Team Canada electric guitar is awesome | Backhand Shelf

Michael Buble gets stage fright ahead of Bieksa's Buddies game - The Province
OK, this was clipped primarily because my 10-year-old daughter loves Michael Buble. But hey, it's a nice story.

Updates to our 316 Sites - Blog Huddle
The SB Nation tech team has been busy behind the scenes, and a number of small enhancements were made this week for OTF and all the other sites, which you can check out here.

Take it away, Don Fehr...