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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Ice Bears & Havoc Take the Ice in Nashville

Did you get yourself a dose of hockey last night? It looks like a decent-sized crowd showed up for an SPHL battle last night at Bridgestone Arena, a noble attempt to throw local puckheads a bone as we all wait to see when the NHL season will start. Our morning hockey notes start off with a story from that game, and conclude with an SK74 highlight from the KHL...

Jeff Curry

Nashville Predators News

WZTV FOX 17 - Hockey Returns to Bridgestone
According to the Preds, over 6,000 people turned up for the Ice Bears & Havoc last night.

The View from 111: The Stewards Struggle, The Game Suffers
Mark's concerned that the Almighty Buck has replaced the Stanley Cup at the top of the priority list among both owners & players.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

The Narrowing Financial Gap Between the NHL and NHLPA |
Don't believe the hype, progress is indeed being made and the gap is narrowing. Will it close quickly, however?

Why There Are So Many Conflicts in Pro Sports (And What to Do About Them) - Forbes
A professor from Harvard Business School (who I'm assuming is not related to a Vancouver Canucks center) highlights some of the reasons why it can be so hard for parties like the NHL & NHLPA to reach an agreement. Pay attention to the "hot dog" example early on, and recall that Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, who is one of big hardliners in this battle, owns Deleware North, which manages concessions at a number of NHL venues, including Bridgestone Arena here in Nashville.

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Fehr explains players' side in NHL labour dispute - Ottawa Sun
The NHLPA leader just lays it out there - the owners aren't offering a single concession in their offers, and haven't even put forth a convincing reason why they need to squeeze hundreds of millions of dollars from the players.

AHL Salaries 2012-13 - Opening Night Rosters |
It's like the CapGeek of the AHL, all in one post!

The Dark Blue Jacket: Opening Night - Simulated - At the R-Bar
Now that's the way to simulate a game... complete with anthem singer & announcers.

Amateur Hockey to Get NHL Treatment in ‘Project Lockout’ |
Now here's a nifty idea, giving the beer leaguers some prime time coverage...

Kalamazoo Wings’ new scoreboard is a bit ostentatious, possible puck magnet (PHOTO) | Puck Daddy
That there's a huge tract of land...

Lastly, we'll leave you with a KHL update, which includes a highlight from Sergei Kostitsyn: