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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Islanders to Move to Brooklyn in 2015

In a welcome respite from the CBA negotiations, the NHL had some positive news to announce yesterday with the New York Islanders finally securing their move to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, once their lease runs out at the Nassau Coliseum in three years.

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Bruce Bennett

Nashville Predators News

Ads can’t get past Campbell, drop to 2-3-0 | Admirals Roundtable
For the first time this season, Milwaukee was out-shot.

National Association Of Talent Directors Announce 2012 Honorees |
Can anyone make sense of this for me? Why is Mike Fisher being honored here?

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

New York Islanders to Brooklyn in 2015: It's happening - Lighthouse Hockey
Is this the salvation of the New York Islanders? I sure think so, this is a great move all around (btw, here's a great example of how Story Streams work with the new SB Nation platform, multiple articles updating yesterday's big story, all in one place).

NHL, union talking about not talking as chance of full season evaporating - The Globe and Mail
The next chunk of games to be cancelled could be a big one, writes James Mirtle.

Much Ado About Wasting Time - The Spin
So much for last week's posturing with the NHL dangling the hope of 82 games, and the NHLPA responding with 3 proposals. Since then, it's been gridlock.

NHL says 82-game season unlikely; Winter Classic on the chopping block this week? | Puck Daddy
I say, let the Alumni play the game.

The Social Media Danger for the NHL Lockout " Running To Stand Still
Seriously, the players (and their agents) need to tone it down on Twitter, they're not helping anything.

Time to check the egos at the door - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Pierre LeBrun thinks there could still be hope for 82 games, even after the November 2nd date passes.

Patrick Kane goes to Switzerland, brings his mom | Puck Daddy
I don't think it looks good when guys are still trickling over there.

Davidson Promises Success | BlueJackets Xtra
Columbus finally closes the deal and announces the hiring of John Davidson.

Would KHL players really make us lonesome were they to go? | Backhand Shelf
Not that we were taking their "we'll just stay over here" talk seriously...

Greatest Hockey Gordie Howe on Sid Abel
Old Bootnose was a fixture in Detroit for decades.

And lastly, President Obama addressed the NHL Lockout last night on the Tonight Show: