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Friday's Dump & Chase: Waiting for the Ax to Fall

With CBA negotiations going nowhere, the NHL is expected to wipe out another portion of the schedule at some point today. Our around-the-league notes start off this morning with a radical notion - what if the NHL cut to the bone, and re-organized around 12 high-revenue franchises?

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Bruce Bennett

Nashville Predators News

If you have a kid from ages 4 to 9 who wants to try the game out, your opportunity is coming soon.

Here's Shea Weber talking about the possibility of the pros putting together a local charity game. Is he really not aware of other games like this going on? Hal Gill barnstormed around Quebec in a bus recently...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

What would an NHL with just 12 teams look like? - The Globe and Mail
A couple weeks ago I was honored to take part in an exercise which is many a Canadian's dream - drafting teams for a massively contracted, 12-team NHL. You can vote on the best one right here (yes, I picked for Detroit).

N.H.L. Gives Union the Silent Treatment -
With all the attention on Brooklyn, there was basically nothing to speak of on the CBA front.

NHL closer to a deal than they think - The Globe and Mail
Yup, it's pretty freaking ridiculous that they can't work out a deal.

Derek Roy's ironic Tweets illustrate disconnect from reality - Puck Drunk Love

All-Star Game Safe ... For Now | BlueJackets Xtra
Hope springs eternal for Columbus fans.

Scott Hartnell finally headed to KalPa - Broad Street Hockey
Look who's joining Craig Smith over in Finland!

CHLPA threatens to sue clubs over ‘sweatshop’ conditions for players - The Globe and Mail
Is the CHLPA for real? We'll find out soon...

Move to Barclays is a win for Islanders, fans & New York City -
Even Larry Brooks is on board with this move.

Brooklyn's KHL games being moved back to Russia - USA Today
Since Barclays Center now has an agreement to host the New York Islanders, it's not surprising to see the deal to host a couple KHL games cancelled.

Davidson: No Rushing It | BlueJackets Xtra
John Davidson swears by the slow & steady approach in Columbus.

There Used To Be An Arena " LA Kings Insider
Kings broadcaster Bob Miller recalls two grand old barns, including Detroit's Olympia, which is where I saw my first NHL game.

OHL fight limit has cut fisticuffs by nearly one-third through season’s first month - Buzzing The Net
Stay tuned to see how this plays out over the course of the season, and tough guys start to approach the new 10-fight limit.

European hockey fans kick all kinds of ass | Backhand Shelf
Them Euros sure know how to have fun...

The final horse-trading that should lead to an arena deal for downtown Edmonton | Edmonton Journal
David Staples puts the lie to Daryl Katz's claim that Edmonton is one of the "smallest of small markets" in the NHL.

Blogger Outreach Strategy: How to Build Buzz for Your Business - Working the Net
This is not at all hockey-related, but you'd be amazed how many lame press releases I get on a regular basis asking me to pitch stuff to you guys. Very, very few businesses get it right.