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NHL to Wipe Out November Schedule

As feared, the league will today erase the month of November from the season schedule, a bolder strike than what occurred a week ago. The possibility of playing the 2013 Winter Classic may still be alive, however.

Bruce Bennett

With this move (reported by Hockey Night in Canada's Elliotte Friedman), those teams who have the ability can now try to fill November arena dates with other events to partially offset the cost of the lockout. So don't be surprised to see your inbox deluged with offers to come out and see a great show by [B-LIST ACT WHICH HAS NOTHING BETTER TO DO]!

At this point, it's not even worth tallying up how many games this costs the Nashville Predators - whatever season is eventually cobbled together will presumably involve a completely fresh schedule, anyway. But hey, at least the fans in Columbus still have reason for optimism:

It's ridiculous that this video I posted 5 weeks ago is still relevant, but I have to ask - has your attitude towards the NHL changed since this began back in September?