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Wednesday's Dump & Chase: It's Time to Dump Gary Glitter, Preds Fans

Since there's no hockey to talk about, we might as well re-open a debate that's raged here previously. Should the Nashville Predators dump the "Hey" song, which is played after Tim McGraw during the goal celebrations, and at the ends of games at Bridgestone Arena? The creator of that song, twice-convicted child sex offender Gary Glitter, has been arrested once again over in the UK, bringing up the uncomfortable fact that the Preds still use his music as a key element of their game operations, while it has been shunned in most other outlets.

When this was brought up before, many readers here stood by tradition, and voted 2-to-1 in favor of keeping Glitter's music in the mix. Sorry folks, but I have to disagree with you here. There's no place for this guy's music at Preds games.


Nashville Predators News

Gary Glitter arrested in connection to Jimmy Savile child sex abuse scandal -
Will the Preds ever move away from playing Glitter's music at games? If something like this doesn't prompt them, I don't know what will.

Nashville Predators need to end use of Gary Glitter song - Nashville Predators Examiner
Jim Diamond repeats his call to dump Rock & Roll Part 2. Really, this should be a slam dunk for a team called the "Predators".

Smith leaves Finland for Madison - Predators Insider
It's back to the old college town for Craig Smith.

Smashville 24/7 - On-ice drills keeping stay-at-home Preds fresh
Yup, they're still practicing.

Pekka Rinne: The Worst Goaltender in the KHL | The Predatorial
Holy Hyperbole, Batman!

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

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Bozak, or Bozo?

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See, folks, this is why we don't allow readers to post links to video stream sites. Found via Kukla's Korner.

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This question has crossed quite a few minds these days.