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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Will You Enjoy a Shortened NHL Season?

The 2012-2013 NHL Regular Season is scheduled to begin on October 11th, which means we can expect games to be cancelled by the league as early as today, given the lack of progress in the CBA talks. How does the prospect of a shortened season strike you as a fan? This is a question we'll discuss quite a bit going forward, because with the way the players & owners are talking, this standoff could last for a long time.

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Randy Sartin-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators' Colin Wilson is no stranger to tedium of lockout | The Tennessean
Wee Willy saw this act before.

Nashville Dentist Reminds Parents about Mouth Guards - Yahoo! News
Especially for you parents who have kids just starting out in hockey, pay attention to this. Mouth guards are an often-overlooked, but critical piece of protective equipment.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

One-on-one with Donald Fehr - The Hockey News
As hard as it is to identify with the salaries which many pro hockey players make, you can certainly sympathize with their position, given the way the owners have proceeded so far.

NHL owners would do well to listen to players - The Globe and Mail
As I said in my last video, the players' proposal is built upon a business model recommendation for the league, which I can't imagine the owners will take very seriously.

NHL: We're still waiting for new union proposal - The Globe and Mail
The league contends that it's up to the players to make the next move, and apparently they want to hear the word "uncle".

Players awash in rainy-day funds - The Globe and Mail
They may be under siege, but the players have plenty of supplies to wait out a long fight.

Another Reason Not To Hope - The Spin
Damian Cox lays out how the NHLPA is so much different than in previous lockouts, and how that stiffens their resolve as an organization.

KHL: Lev Prague Parts With Injured Hudler | Sports | RIA Novosti
So... Jiri Hudler plays 4 games for Lev Prague, suffers an abdominal injury, and gets released. At least in the NHL the players have guaranteed contracts!

Do some players elevate their game in the playoffs? |
Oh, I know some of you will hate this one...