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Nashville Predators & Their Business Partners Keeping Fans Engaged

The NHL may have cancelled the entire preseason and the first two weeks of the regular season, but the Predators are working hard to maintain their relationship with both fans and sponsors.

Frederick Breedon - Getty Images

Friday is "Preds Pride Day"

Once again, the team is declaring Friday to be "Preds Pride Day", with the idea being for Predators fans to wear something team-related in order to

Things get started with a free cup of coffee to begin your day (and a visit to a major team sponsor), as told by team COO Sean Henry:

(just look at the outstanding "." technique with that tweet!)

Some of the businesses which work with the Predators are getting in on the act, too. Harlow Salon services the Preds Dancers & Ice Girls, and they are offering a special deal tomorrow as well:

Scavenger Hunt Coming on Oct. 13

Next weekend was supposed to see the launch of the regular season, including the home opener on Friday night against St. Louis. Which the first two weeks of games cancelled, the team is getting creative with ways to keep fans energized, with a Scavenger Hunt set for Saturday from 10:00 to 2:30.

I have to say, this looks pretty cool. It's free to enter, and the winners get a pretty cool prize - season tickets to the Preds, along with tickets to concerts at Bridgestone Arena for the rest of 2012. It's a chance to get out for a day of running around the city and competing with fellow fans.

And to top it off, there will be a plaza party with a beer garden, food, a live band, etc.

For all details, check the Preds site, and you can register here (remember, the scavenger hunt is FREE). Football Saturday shouldn't get in the way (Vanderbilt doesn't play until 5:00 p.m., and Tennessee plays at 8:00), so you'll have plenty of time to sit in front of the TV all evening and drown your sorrows.

Are we frustrated with the NHL Lockout? Absolutely. But give the Predators credit - they're working the Service Recovery angle hard. They recognize that people aren't happy, and are trying to provide recurring opportunities to bring fans together, not only to connect with the team but to activate those business partnerships as well.

Even though they're calling it "Preds Pride Day", it seems instead to be characterized by a welcome dose of humility from a pro sports franchise that may not have games to play, but is still hard at work.