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Friday's Dump & Chase: Minor League Hockey Takes Center Stage

At least a few Nashville Predators are getting competitive ice-time these days, as younger players like Ryan Ellis, Gabriel Bourque, and Jonathon Blum skate in Milwaukee. With the NHL shut down for who-knows-how-long, the spotlight turns to the minor ranks, as this morning brings news of the AHL's Milwaukee Admirals opening their pre-season, and the Nashville Predators announcing an extension to their relationship with the ECHL's Cincinnati Cyclones.

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Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Nashville Predators News

Ads Drop Pre-season Opener To Rockford In A Shootout | Admirals Roundtable
Lajunen and Bang were your goal-scorers in a 3-2 loss.

I can only assume the all-caps headline means they're REALLY EXCITED about this.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL should look to the success of revenue sharing in other pro leagues - The Globe and Mail
A Michigan economics professor makes the case.

Locked-Out NHL’ers Continue to Play | All Habs Hockey Magazine
Former Pred Francis Bouillon is spotted here.

Season ticketholders weigh in on their plans - USA Today
Fans from a variety of NHL cities weigh in on the big question - whether to ask for a refund from their local team.

Uni Watch " Uni Watch Book Club: The Hockey Hall of Fame Book of Jerseys
While away the days without games by checking out a new book which shows how the look of hockey has evolved over the years.

Interview with Mike Danton: "Vick, Tyson, and Heatley all got breaks, where’s my break?" | Backhand Shelf
Having completed his prison term and parole, Mike Danton works to resume his playing career.

This Is How Your Bleacher Report Sausage Gets Made - Deadspin
Using data & analytics to determine what your audience will be interested in reading? Brilliant. Farming out keyword-driven assignments to legions of writers who have little insight to offer just in order to fill out all the various headline permutations? That's where Bleacher Report descends into the muck.

Bauer takes on sagging minor hockey enrolment - The Globe and Mail
In Canada, youth hockey numbers have stagnated - while the sport is growing here in the South, it's a very tough sport to commit to as a parent. I have three kids, and would love to be able to have my oldest son play, but the expense and time commitment would crowd out anything else for him, and impact the others as well.

There have been so many videos made about the Lockout, but these two latest are doozies:

(found at Puck Daddy)

And of course, Down Goes Brown & Bloge Salming have an entry: