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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Uncle Bob's Prophecy of Doom

When the most connected insider of them all says his gut feel is that the entire 2012-2013 NHL season will be lost, you have to sit up and pay attention.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

Nashville Predators News

Preds On The Glass: Do I miss the NHL? Not any more!
I'm not quite as disengaged as Buddy is here, but I'm getting there.

Sergei Kostitsyn in the "Vanguard"
It looks like SK74 is taking his game to Avangard Omsk of the KHL, making it 5 Predators playing in Europe.

Admirals Drop Final Pre-Season Game - Milwaukee Admirals
The Admirals start the regular season on Friday. In a press release this morning, they announced that Josh Shalla, Taylor Aronson, and Charles Olivier-Roussel have been sent to CIncinnati.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

So here's what TSN's Bob McKenzie shared last night on Twitter (stitched together from several tweets):

My instincts say we'll lose the whole year but we've still got a month or two to salvage a Dec or Jan start up, so we'll see. I suspect we'll see our first real movement from either side in coming week but whether that creates legit traction for talks, who knows?

At this point, I don't doubt either side's resolve. That may be the problem. Owners think players will cave. Players think owners will cave. I think, like last time, we'll lose the season before anyone blinks.

I'm dismayed that the NHL is insistent on getting such a significant and immediate clawback (57 to 50 per cent). Too much, too soon. But it's equally discouraging that we are cancelling games and players are still stuck on notion of not taking any tangibe dollar reduction.

Maybe it's posturing to get best deal possible at right time but if players insist on no tangible reduction to actual $, turn out the lights. I don't doubt players' resolve, but I am surprised at how many players think Bettman and/or owners will blink. Maybe they will, but of all the things I've learned in 30+ yrs covering this game, Bettman, Jeremy Jacobs and Ed Snider don't strike me as bluffers.

And last time I checked, Don Fehr isn't a guy who shies away from a fight. So that pretty much brings us to where we are.

Fans, as angry as they are, have no voice in this dispute, at this moment. But once dispute is over, they have the only voice that matters. I'm not saying you shouldn't voice frustration/anger now, I'm saying the only real impact you have is by not spending your $$$.

There's a bit more in there, but that's the gist of it.

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Introducing The ‘CIRV’ Stat (Comeback Impact Ratio Value) and Distribution Ratios | Illegal Curve Hockey
Moderately interesting stuff here, but it overlooks a rather critical question - statistical significance. Can they demonstrate persistent trends for given players to score more or fewer goals when their team is behind as opposed to leading a game? Or is this distribution just random noise?