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Wednesday's Dump & Chase: "Smashmob" Surprises PeeWee Hockey Game

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Our morning hockey notes begin today with video from last night's surprise "Smashmob" event, in which the Nashville Predators organized a full pro-style game night presentation for a pair of PeeWee teams at A-Game Sportsplex, the Cyclones & Blizzards.

Was it a publicity stunt? Of course it was, but I don't know what else the Preds' employees are supposed to do these days. The bottom line is that they're still hard at work trying to build a long-term hockey community here in Middle Tennessee, and last night's event was a creative way to push that effort forward amid difficult times. I'll admit that I was a bit cynical when I heard about the whole thing, but seeing it come together, and how pumped up those kids were to play in front of a full crowd? Well, you just can't beat that...

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Penalty Box Radio has video of the night as well.

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