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NHL Lockout 2012: What I Miss About Hockey

It was a Saturday morning and I was getting ready for, of all things an Alabama football game. Avicii's Levels, which was the song the Predators came out to in warmups last season, came up in my Spotify playlist. All of the sights, smells and sounds of a Preds game started coming back to me, and for the first time in this whole lockout ordeal, I really started missing hockey season.

Frederick Breedon

And so, I present to you, a list of just a few things I miss about going to Preds games:

The walk across the pedestrian bridge from LP Field to Bridgestone Arena, and how you never really know what they're building on either side or when it'll be finished.

Trying to cross the street in front of the Hilton. There's always some asshole who speeds up, even though he clearly sees you're trying to cross.

Listening to the ticket man yell "tickets? tickets?" to no one in particular. Does anyone actually buy tickets from him?

Letting the security guard lazily pat you down and always thinking "I could sneak something in if I really wanted," but you never do.

Riding up the escalator, and seeing the mean lady at the bottom. Why is she so mean. It's just an escalator.

Watching Legwand knock over the pyramid of pucks as the aforementioned Levels plays at the start of warmups.

Watching Lindback skate around by himself at the end of warmups to Fade Into Darkness.

Wondering when they're going to get a new intro video. (Looking at you, "I'm Coming Home.")

Trying to summon some enthusiasm when Nick Spaling's line is introduced in the starting lineups.

All of the cheers that I was never allowed to do as a kid.

Watching the parents explain to their kids that it's OK to be vulgar at a hockey game.

Watching the parents try to explain to their kids what everyone's really saying. ("No! They really said, 'and they steal socks!'")

Yelling at all of the idiots who yell "shooooooot" during the entirety of a power play.

Yelling "shooooooot" during the entirety of a power play, because why not.

Waiting around for the end of a 3-1 game to see if you get the elusive frosty goal.

Inevitably running into Seth Lake during intermission.

The sound Shea Weber's shot makes when it hits the boards behind the net.

The "OHHHHH" of a just-missed shot during a close game.

Yelling at Colin Wilson for trying to do too much with the puck. Seriously, cut that out.

Yelling at Sergei Kostitsyn for not doing enough with the puck. Seriously, just shoot it already.

Listening to someone discuss line combinations in a thick southern accent and thinking "we're making progress."

Getting that ticket for a free energy drink after a win and then finding it at the bottom of the washer a week later.

The walk back across the pedestrian bridge when it's gotten a lot colder.

Waiting in the drive-thru line of a Wendy's behind a bunch of other cars with Preds decals on them.

We all experience the games in different ways, so share what you miss about hockey in the comments below. Hopefully one day soon, we'll have it all back...