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Monday's Dump & Chase: Mad About Mattias

Let's start another week of NHL Lockout 2012 with some happy thoughts, m'kay? We'll kick off this morning's notes with a story on the guy who, for my money, has the highest upside of any of Nashville's young defenseman, Mattias Ekholm...

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Joel Auerbach

Nashville Predators News

Predators prospect Mattias Ekholm proves he can play | The Tennessean
It's hard to temper my enthusiasm for Ekholm, but he'll need time to shore up his defensive game. Like Roman Josi, he needs to develop that streak of Vicious Bastard in his own zone.

Lockout Refugees: Nashville Predators Playing Overseas, Pt. 2 - Predlines
In case you wondered how the boys are doing in Europe.

That's Why We Don't Get Our NHL Lockout Hopes Up - Predlines
Jason feels burnt after last week's absurdity, as well.

Milwaukee ends brief skid, gets back on track in Charlotte | Admirals Roundtable

Austin Watson still has the hot hand for Milwaukee, and Magnus Hellberg got the win. Let's go to the highlights...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Yahoo! Sports and NBC Team Up | Official Yahoo! Blog
I tell you, NBC Sports might just become a worthy competitor to ESPN after all. This partnership would seem to really bolster their online presence.

NHL lockout: Latest collapse in negotiations just another part of theatrics - National Post
At this point I'm pretty much in the players' boat. The grandstanding and other posturing on the owners' side just turns my stomach.

Jack Todd: Time for Bettman, Fehr to get busy - Montreal Gazette
A nice bit of on-ice imagery: "At this point, Bettman and the owners look like a high-powered scoring machine being ground into the ice by Jacques Lemaire’s New Jersey Devils. They’re frustrated because they’re trapped in the neutral zone and even if they can somehow get past Bobby Holik and Scott Stevens, there’s Martin Brodeur (in the person of Fehr himself) waiting to make the save."

Sports Media Interviews: J.R. Lind of the Nashville Scene - Nashville Sports Hub
From late last week, check out the launch of our Local Sports Media Interview series at the Hub, featuring everyone's favorite bowtie-wearing Kansas City Royals fan.