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Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Hornqvist Heads Back to Switzerland

Between all the chocolate and the meatballs, Patric Hornqvist might be 300 pounds by the time NHL play eventually resumes. After starting the lockout by trying to play in Sweden, but having to go to Switzerland instead, then going back to Sweden last month, the Nashville Predators winger is heading back to the land of fine watches again...

Martin Rose

Nashville Predators News

Patrik Hörnqvist moving to Swiss League | Elite | Latest News | Hockey Expressen
Patric, come on - there are already enough Americans who don't know the difference between Sweden & Switzerland, without you flipping back and forth like this.

Ads drop second Charlotte showdown | Admirals Roundtable
It sounds like the boys are working on The Predator Way: "Too many times good entries into the offensive zone were negated by unwise passes instead of shots." I kid, I kid.

Celebrating 35 Years of Pro Hockey! - Milwaukee Admirals
The Admirals are kicking off a series which includes the Top 35 Admirals of All-Time, among other items.

'Everybody's losing money' - Winnipeg Free Press
It sounds like Colin Wilson is riding the emotional roller coaster just like many fans (found via Puck Daddy).

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Gary Bettman’s 20-year anniversary as NHL commissioner: The good, the bad and the unplayed | Puck Daddy
Break out the party hats...

Donald Fehr and the NHL lockout - Grantland
This is a serious battle, and the players finally have a leader capable of hanging in there.

On Spec: Third mediation's a charm? -
Oh goody, the federal mediators are back.

Mike Eruzione’s game-worn ‘Miracle on Ice’ jersey could be yours… for about a million dollars | Puck Daddy
Will someone pay that much? I wouldn't be surprised.

Ilya Bryzgalov Can't Take Your Calls Right Now; He's About To Launch Into Space - Deadspin
Because he is... a Wild and Crazy Guy!

The NFL on Fox Robot is taking shots at the NHL - Awful Announcing
I'm guessing there's a disconnect between the folks at Fox Sports and the regional channels which carry local NHL action.

My Original Hockey Photos " Berger Bytes
Old Time Hockey, eh? Seriously cool photos here.