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Friday's Dump & Chase: Colin Wilson on Bettman: "I obviously don’t like him"

Today's hockey notes are all over the map - we have a Nashville Predator actually saying something interesting(!) about the lockout, another call for the NHL to contract several teams, and progress for the advanced stats analysis crowd in both the NHL and NBA...

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Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators enforcer Brian McGrattan has reasons to smile | The Tennessean

Wilson backs up his words to the Winnipeg Sun | Predators Insider
Kudos to Colin Wilson for speaking up. These are by far the most interesting quotes any Predator has given since the lockout began.

David Briley asks NHL for a refund | In Session
The City of Nashville just renegotiated the Predators' arena lease earlier this year. Did they not have the common sense to consider the possibility of a lockout, and how that might affect the team's ability to deliver on its economic promise? I've also wondered why the city would enter into a long-term agreement like that right before a new CBA could radically alter the team's finances, and hence its reliance on government funds.

Hockey Night in Nashville: Preds must find a way to continue positive momentum
Robby seems confident that the Predators' work in the community over the last few months will be rewarded whenever play resumes.

Kontinental Hockey League - All-Star Game - starting lineups announced
Sergei Kostitsyn will start for Team East.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Memphis Grizzlies Hire ESPN Writer John Hollinger as VP of Basketball Ops - Nashville Sports Hub
At one time I had dreams about putting stats analysis to work in the service of an NHL team. Kudos to Hollinger for earning that chance in the NBA.

The Edmonton Oilers are making a wise foray into analytics in an odd way | Backhand Shelf
Meanwhile, the Oilers are going the game-show route of perhaps bringing in an analyst.

The NHL's Best Hope: Contraction - Forbes
Yet another contraction argument is raised, but I have yet to see one which convincingly defines the problem for which contraction is the solution. Players are averaging over $2 million apiece, the quality of play is pretty darned high, so where's the urgency?

Smashville 24/7 - NHL’s coverage exposed during lockout
I'm with Ryan - the NHL Network these days is a sad joke, and even when the league is playing, it lags behind what the NFL and NBA have to offer by a looooooong way.

NHL should change playoff format in abbreviated season - USA Today
Please, no! The playoff format doesn't need to be made any longer.

NHL Lockout: When "take it or leave it" is nothing of the sort | Edmonton Journal
Gary Bettman's finger wagging is getting less and less convincing over time.

Rest easy, here is your new CBA - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
"One NHL governor provided with the framework for a deal he insisted would be palatable to both sides." But no, they can't get it done, because there has to be a couple more weeks of posturing.

Claude Lemieux’s son, Barrie Colts’ Brendan Lemieux, gets 8-game ban in OHL (VIDEO) - Buzzing The Net
Like father, like son.