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Saturday's Dump & Chase: A Much-Needed Diversion

Yesterday reminded me of one reason why sports are such a big part of our daily lives. After hearing of the awful events in Connecticut, I was simply distraught. I have three kids in elementary school, and can't imagine the pain which those parents are going through nor what would motivate someone to commit such a heinous act.

Late last night, however, I flipped by ESPN, and there were the Memphis Grizzlies playing against Denver. I've been getting more curious about the Grizz of late, and we've given them a bit of coverage over at the Hub, so I stuck around and was able to just relax for a while and see what's going on with our state's NBA team. It was a welcome diversion from the events of the day, and it's just too bad the NHL wasn't available. Many people have written eloquently about the meaningful family experiences they've had with the game and are missing these days, but sometimes you just need something to veg out with, too.

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Bruce Bennett

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